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“Zoom” In to “Inner Self”

Maithili Muralidharan

Pranaams to H H Maa Purnananda ji‼
Hari Aum to everyone‼

Today, it was indeed a great bhagya, as we listened to the Divine Mother!! Maaji’s vibrant blessings on the auspicious day of Sree Adi Sankaracharya ji and Sree Gurudev ji’s Jayanti were so beautiful, still they are vibrating in our ears and mind, I am sure it will sit in our heart and guide us throughout our life

The legend is that…
When Sree Adi Sankaracharya Ji’s disciple Sree Padmapadha used to meditate in a forest, everyday one hunter used to visit Sree Padmapadha, to offer fruits. One day Sree Padmapadha ji looked very upset and the hunter asked for the reason. He said, he was not able to concentrate and meditate on Lord Narasimha. The hunter asked for Lord’s description, Sree Padmapadha ji described Lord Narasimha – a human form with Lion’s head. The hunter exclaimed, that he knew in and out of that forest, but never seen such an animal, and he would search all over the forest, if he sees that animal, he would bring it up in front of Sree Padmapadha ji.

Sree Padmapadha ji, was not sure of his challenge but did not say anything. In the evening, the hunter came back pulling an animal tied into a rope and explained that he had found the animal that Sree Padmapadha ji was looking for. To the surprise, Sree Padmapadha ji could only hear the roaring of the lion but could not see the lion! Sree Padmapadha ji realized the level of the hunter’s concentration in searching and immediately prostrated in front of the hunter. At once the hunter revealed His true form, as Lord Narasimha, as the Lord himself wanted to serve his beloved devotee Sree Padmapadha ji.

This wonderful story gives us the picture of, what level of concentration we require for Spiritual saadhana. As per Maaji’s words, let us all make use of this quarantine time to quality time, “zoom” in our concentration to our inner self, memorize as many Slokas. (available in USBs, details on website) learn through Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta how to interact with the world and become as per Sree Gurudev’s message today- “Quieter the mind, the Sharper the intellect”…

Even though it was so wonderful listening to Maaji, when we practice our spiritual saadhana according to Scriptures, I am sure, we will have the darshan of our beloved Guru H H Maa Purnananda ji soon…

Thank you so much Manish ji for arranging to seek Maaji’s blessings on this auspicious occasion.

My humble Prostrations at the Holy - Feet of Guru Parampara