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Hari Aum!

As an exercise for the upcoming Deepawali, the Yuvasatya children were given a task by Pujya Maa ji to pen down ten virtues that they have learned from Lord Sree Ram, and how would they imbibe them in their lives.

Below are their writeups offered at the Feet of the Lord on the eve of Deepavali puja, by children of Yuvasatya, Dubai wherein each one of them have identified ten virtues of Sri Ramchandraji, which they contemplated upon as to how they would adopt in their respective lives.

Blessed are these children to be getting this guidance from SISS.


I. He had no worldly desires
~ CONTEXT: During His 14-year exile in the forest, He wore simple, ascetic clothes which was in complete contrast to His status, but He wore them regardless.

II. He had a lot of perseverance
~ CONTEXT: When Seeta Mata was held captive by Ravana, Sree Ram kept searching for Her with full dedication, never once giving up or losing hope.

III. He was very modest and humble
~ CONTEXT: Sree Ram was an exceptionally good archer, but there was never a hint of arrogance or bragging about His skills.

IV. He found importance in family and friends
~ CONTEXT: Sree Ram entrusted the reigns of His kingdom to His brother Bharat.

V. He always obeyed His elders.
~ CONTEXT: He went into exile as a duty towards His father and did not disobey him.

VI. He believed in being calm and collected.
~ CONTEXT: He never once let His emotions and sentiments take control of Him and was always focused even when He fought treacherous wars and battles.

VII. He was an embodiment of compassion.
~CONTEXT: He considered His mother’s sister as His own mother as well and loved her unconditionally just like He would for His own mother regardless of her deeds against him.

VIII. He believed in equality.
~ CONTEXT: He never discriminated between people or the citizens of His kingdom and treated them all equally.

IX. He was loyal.
~ CONTEXT: He was loyal to His family and the citizens of His country. Regardless of the battles He had to fight and the skills He had, He was down to earth and always had a special place in His heart for His family and kingdom. They were very important to Him and He was very loyal to them.

X. He showed bravery even in the face of evil.
~ CONTEXT: Even though He had to face numerous battles, wars with rakshasas/rakshasis that could have potentially put His life in danger, He never backed out and never showed any cowardice. Instead He bravely fought against them, with all His might.


I. When I do not need certain things, I should not be stubborn about getting them. I should stick to my needs and not go after my wants.

II. Just because sometimes things get hard, I should not give up hope and I should keep pushing forward.

III. Even if I am good at certain things, I should not be arrogant and boastful about it.

IV. Respect and love family and friends. Be grateful for their company

V. Obey and respect all elders regardless of me knowing them or not.

VI. Never let my emotions take control of me and always keep them at bay.

VII. Be compassionate and kind to everyone.

VIII. I should not be partial, and I should treat everyone equally.

IX. I should be loyal to the people who have put their trust in me.

X. I should not show cowardice when faced with a challenge. I should be brave and face it with the best of my capabilities.

Nidhi Yuvasatya


1.He was compassionate
Reference: When He explained to Lakshman ji that it was okay that Shabri mata ate the naivedyam to see if it was good to offer to him.

2.He had no materialistic desire
Reference: He wore hermit clothes, while residing in the forest for 14 years

3.He valued family and friends
Reference: He trusted Hanumanji with protecting Seeta ma, told Bharat ji to protect the kingdom and gave the responsibility of His family to Shatrughna ji.

4.He was never prejudice against people
Reference: When Ravan's brother Vibhishan ji came to Sree Ram ji, as he was banished from his own kingdom, Rama, never a moment, had any prejudice against him even when his followers were not sure about it. 

5.He was very modest
Reference: He was the best archer there was, but He never boasted about His title.

6.He never gave up
Reference: When Mother Seeta was held captive by Ravana, He did everything, in His power, to get Her back.

7.He always kept calm
Reference: He fought against rakshas/sis, battles and wars, but still kept His emotions in place.

8.He obeyed and respected His elders
Reference: He never, once, questioned His parents, even if it meant 14 years of exile in dangerous worlds of rakshsas/sis like Tataki and etc.

9.He was the destroyer of all evils
Reference: He kept destroying rakshas/sis and He killed Ravana.

10.He had immense devotion towards the Lord
Reference: He installed the Shivalingam in Rameshwaram before crossing over to Lanka.


  1. I must always help the unfortunate and always be kind to others.

  2. I should not constantly ask for things I don’t necessarily need.

  3. Always appreciate my family and friends and their sacrifices they did for me.

  4. Never judge people

  5. Don’t have a superiority complex, and don’t boast about achievements and skills

  6. Be resilient and never give up, think how I can achieve this task.

  7. I should not let my emotions cloud my judgement.

  8. I must respect my elders.

  9. Work on destroying the evil in me

  10. Pray every day, at least once.

Yuvasatya Dubai

॥ॐ श्री सद्गुरवे नमः॥

1. Spiritual Wisdom: Absolute Knowledge; Knowledge of Brahman, Knowledge of Self, Realisation that this world is false. Ultimate Goal. (also Vignyaana, knowledge of Absolute and world), beyond Māyā. Attaining this makes the soul as The Self, no different from Sri Rama. (Māa ji)

2. Dispassion: Aversion to the world, focus only on Sadhana. No worldly passions or expectations. Total disconnection from the world. Can be implemented through Vairagya. Sree Rama was not passionate about anything, even in the incident of Maricha coming in the disguise of a golden deer, Sree Rama was only advising Mother Seeta’s shadow to stay away from it. (Vanaprasthis)

3. Virtuous: Dharmic traits and actions, like Love, Rational thinking, etc. Can be implemented by knowing, and constant awareness of actions. Offering all actions, thoughts, words and deeds to God will help. Sree Rama was the perfect example of Virtue, rightly referred to as ‘Maryada Purushottama’ (Harishchandra).

4. Yoga: Mental concentration. Preparatory practices are Japa and Practice of Vairagya in the world. Yoga involves meditation and Contemplation on the Supreme, and is done by seekers of all Yogas [Bhakti, Karma, Gnyana and Hatha] Sree Rama always maintained a concentrated mind, and was thus in an Intuitive state all the time. (Maharishi Patanjali)

5. Engage completely in the duty of Lord: Every action must be devoted and offered to God. Every word spoken; every thought thought must be offered to The Lord. Nothing un-Divine must be thought, spoken, or acted upon. Can be achieved by constant contemplation on God. Sree Rama spent His life accomplishing His duties as offerings. (Hanumān ji).

6. Steadfastness: Focused, not wavering. Unwavering Faith in God. Can only be achieved through Vairagya and complete faith, One must be straightforward and the motive for Sadhana must be Dharmic. Sree Rama performed all His actions that way, with unwavering focus on The Truth. (Arjuna)

7. Devotion: Practice of Mind; Love towards God [Ishwara] and Guru. 9 forms of Bhakti. Devote life to God and serve him with complete Love. 

  • Shravana (Listening to Lord’s Glory)

  • Keertana (Singing the Lord’s Glory)

  • Smarana (Contemplating on the Lord)

  • Pada Sevana (Serving the Lord at His Feet)

  • Archana (Worshiping with flowers, or ritualistic approach)

  • Vandana (Singing the Lord’s glories and praising him selflessly)

  • Dasya (Become the Lord’s Servant and Worship)

  • Sakhya (Worship as a friend)

  • Atma Nivedana (Completely Surrender at the Lord’s Feet) (Mata Shabari)

8. Recognise God in everything and treat everything as God Itself. Learn that Brahman is omnipresent. See Brahman in all objects, thoughts and emotions around. Can be done by constant memory of the Lord and comes as a product of Realisation, The Ultimate Goal, achieving which one becomes no different from Sree Rama. (Mahabhakta Prahlada).

9. Worship God with disinterest: No wanted fruits, Sātvik Worship. No interest in Maya at all, out of Knowledge/Faith that this world is false. Can be achieved by learning/believing that the world is false, like Sree Rama did His duties as an offering to the Higher. (Pandits/Pujaris in Temple).

10. Master of Maya: Be the Master of one’s own world. Learn to control and win over experiences. Not letting the world influence oneself. Can be done by constantly remembering the Lord and being calm and composed like Sree Rama. (Gurudev).

करचरण कृतं वाक्कायजं कर्महं वा श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसं वा अपराधम्।
विहितमविहितं वा सर्वमेतत्क्षमस्व जय जय करुणब्धे श्री महदेव शम्भो॥
कायेन वाचा मनसेन्द्रियैर्वा बुद्ध्यात्मना वा प्रकृतेस्वभावात्।
करोमि यद्यत्सकलं परस्मै श्रीमन् नारायणायेति समर्पयामि॥

Yuvasatya Dubai

Hari Aum!

My humble pranaam at the Holy Feet of Sree Ram, Pujya Maaji and the GuruParampara.

When Sree Ram, Maa Seeta and Lakshmanji were in Panchavati during their vanvaas of 14 years, Lakshmanji beseeched Sree Ram to enlighten him on spiritual wisdom, dispassion, maya, bhakti and also the difference between Iswara and Jeev. I wish  to imbibe and implement the virtues taught by Sree Ram seeking Maaji's blessings.

1) Forgiveness: One of the most important virtues is forgiveness. I should be compassionate to condone other's omissions and commission and not to have any likes and dislikes towards others. This virtue expresses as love, friendliness and affection in the form of sympathy towards others.

2) Purity: It not only includes physical body(outer) but also includes our inner cleanliness. I will try to cultivate a positive disposition towards people so that my hatred, anger, jealousy etc are reduced. 3)

3) Courage(Fearlessness) : I should overcome  any  phobia, mental fear and fear of losing when I have any expectation. I can overcome this by getting connected with the Supreme who is the only source of Fearlessness.

4) Independence: By using my discriminative faculty (Intellect), I wish to be independent enough to handle myself and not get carried away by the sense objects of the world as I am responsible for my emotions and actions. I wish to have proper control over my mind by channelizing my thought process with the divinity within.

5) Detachment: I don't wish to get entangled in unwanted worldly desires as desires are the cause of attachment which lead to sorrows and miseries. I wish to overcome this by clinging on to the Divine.

6) Devotion: I wish to improve my devotion towards the Lord through 'Navadhabhakti' and improve myself by doing Shodashopachar Puja towards the Lord and the Guruparampara and doing Japa and Dhyana regularly.

7) Righteousness: I will follow and practise what the Scriptures say and I will work upon my thoughts, words and actions based on Purushaartha which will make me Sattvik and 'Man-Man'.

8) Forbearance: I pray to God not to get affected physically, mentally and intellectually by any favourable and unfavourable situations. I hope to overcome this by not having likes and dislikes towards anything in pleasant and unpleasant situations.

9) Non Violence: I should be content with what I have so that I will not be jealous of anyone and show my hatred in my thoughts, words and actions. For this I should not have 'I' ness and 'My'ness.

10) Steadfastness: I should be steady (Sthira Buddhi). I should be truthful to my divine nature and should not be doing anything which will take me away from the path of True Knowledge to Ignorance.

Siddharth Sanatan

Hari Aum

Qualities of Sree Ramachandraji

The 10 qualities of Sree Ramchandra ji that, I found from the Ramayana are:

1) He was satisfied with whatever He had and didn’t have any materialistic desires; even a little less couldn’t have bothered Him.

2) Control over senses- Sree Ramchandra ji was known for having a good control over His senses; He never became angry on any occasion. Even when Sree Ramji broke the bow of Lord Shiva, He withstood the angry words of Sree Parashurama and instead extolled him. Even when Ravana abducted Mata Seeta ji, Sree Ram ji did not lose His temper but sent a messenger to make peace.

3) Trust in family and friends- Lord Rama trusts and holds great value to relations with friends and family. He had high esteem for His brothers. Not even once fought for kingdom or rights and quietly gave every share of His comfort to brothers.

4) Forgiveness- Sree Ram was very forgiving and never kept grudges. The last day before the war told Ravana to free Seeta ji and He would readily forgive him. But the king of Lanka intoxicated by His pride was ultimately consumed by it.

5) Kindness- He was a kind hearted, who wished well for ever creature on earth.

6) Humility- He would never boast about His status or greatness.

7) Spirituality & Discipline- Having the title of the king didn’t stop him from performing His spiritual practices

8) Respect towards parents- He had total faith, love, and respect for His parents.

9) Courageous- He had destroyed many demons and was also able to kill Ravana.

10) Loyalty- He was very loyal to Mata Seeta ji even when She was held by Ravana, He made sure to get Her back safe and always protected Her.


How I can implement these virtues in my life

1) I will practice being more mindful, and calm even in stressful situations

2) Before making any decisions, I will make sure it will not have a negative effect on my family or friends

3) I will try to be more disciplined in everything I do

4) I will make sure I don’t hold any grudges and be more forgiving

5) I will try to have a good control over my emotions, not let it influence the decisions I make or the way I behave

6) I will make sure I am always there to help and serve my family

7) I will never let success or failure have any effect on me

8) Treat everyone with kindness

Ayush Poduval
Yuvasatya Dubai

Hari Aum and prostrations to the Lord and the Guru Parampara.

Below are the 10 virtues of Sree Ramchandra ji and how I would implement them in my life.

1. Truthful: It is important to always stay true to others and ourselves. I am going to practice always speaking the truth and doing what is right.

2. Forgiveness: We must all learn to forgive each other and not hold grudges. I will practice letting go of matters and forgive without dwelling on the past.

3. Courageous: I must work towards overcoming my fears and take the opportunities that come before me. I will try to be more fearless when taking decisions in the future.

4. Pious: I must become more devoted, to ensure a steadfast mind that helps me make the right decisions.

5. Dispassionate (Forbearance): I must work on strengthening my mind and intellect to not be swayed by attachments and desires of my senses or be put down by unfavourable situations.

6. Obedience: I will ensure that I am always respectful to not only those elder and wiser, but also to the values and principles that must be followed as a righteous human being. I will never go against my parents, knowing they want only the best for me.

7. Compassionate: I will try to become more sensitive to others and always do the best I can by everyone around me.

8. Righteous: I will try to always follow the Scriptures and work upon myself to follow the path of Truth.

9. Self-control: I will try to keep a steady and balance mind and not let myself be swayed by desires and worldly objects.

10. Humility: I must work on not letting my ego overpower me and always stay humble and true.

Hari Aum!
Yuvasatya, Dubai

Hari Aum!


1.“A wise man should foresee tragedy or misfortune and take action to prevent or overcome such tragedy or misfortune well before it strikes. Thus, only he can enjoy a safe and good life.

2.“A person gives hope to another who is in need, Having given them hope, we must never disappoint by not keeping the promise.”

3.“One may have many relatives in every country but one cannot have a brother like Lakshmana in every place.”

4.We have no right to ask when a sorrow comes, 'Why did this happen to me?' unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way.

5.Destiny cannot be outsmarted so, don't try to change destiny. Rather, we must focus what we have control on.

6.Do not be overconfident. - He knows He is Lord Rama who is supposed to rule but still, He wasn't over-confident. 7.Obedience - Learn how to be obedient. He didn't question even when He knew that He was exiled to the forest for 14 years.

8.Respect - He even paid respect to the monkeys



1) I will try to take appropriate decisions by thinking through all the possibilities. – Right Decision-making

2) I will try to keep true to my word. I will try to think through everything which can occur and then only, give someone hope. - Honesty

3) I will try to follow this principle, 'We may have many friends and family members but, we should never neglect the ones who are Righteous.' - Keep them even closer.

4) I will try not to constantly dwell on my failures. Once I learn what went wrong, I will rectify and move on to another task. - Practicality

5) I will try not to keep thinking about the future constantly. I find that we are wasting our precious time in the present. - Live in the present

6) I will try not to be over-confident or sit on cloud-nine just because I'm sure I'll win. - To not be egoistic

7) I will try to be obedient not only towards my elders but, also towards my friends. - Obedience

8) I will try to pay respect to everyone instead of discriminating them for something or the other. - Respect

Thanking you,
Disha Premkumar

Hari AUM Maa - Pranams at Your Louts Feet!

Ten Virtues to be acquired from Lord Sree Rama,

1.Merciful:  Being sensitive towards the forms of life which are inferior to you.  I have been practicing this and will continue to practice, since all are forms of the Ultimate Brahman.  Sri Ramji forgave and blessed the crow.

2.Steadfastness:  Not bring carried away by the emotions in a particular type of situation.  I will try to imbibe this in my life by not becoming too happy and being carried away during the times of sukha, and not being too sad during the times of dukkha.  Sri Ramji did not feel sad or angry when He was told to go to the forest for 14 years.

3.Courage: Always being ready to face any type of situation that comes along the way.  I would imbibe this quality by not fearing of what I may have to face and try to overcome the challenge by keeping faith in God.  Sri Ramji fought even the fiercest enemies who were following adharma.

4.Friendliness: Just like how Sri Ramji was open, kind and approachable to everyone without discriminating between any life forms, I would put this into play by being kind and friendly to at least people around me without discriminating between them.  Sri Ramji made everyone feel like they are his own, even with strangers.

5.Patience: One of the most important qualities to achieve good result for your work.  I would imbibe this by not being restless during bad situations and waiting as well as working upon to resolve it.  Sri Ramji did not become restless and impatient to sit on the throne.

6.Awareness: Bring aware about your surroundings is important, since it tells us what is going on in the present and where we stand.  I would put in this, by not only being physically present but also mentally present in the activity, I am doing. Sri Ramji was always aware of His surroundings which eliminated most of the incoming dangers.

7.Dutiful: Knowing your duties and fulfilling them without being reminded is of sovereign importance in one’s life. I will become dutiful by knowing more of my basic duties and also fulfil them no matter what.  Sri Ramji fulfilled all his duties as a noble king, obedient son and faithful husband.

8.Faith: Having faith in God and own self helps to strive higher.  I would imbibe by starting to believe in myself and thinking that I will be able to overcome situations, obviously also by keeping faith in God.  Sri Ramji had a constant faith in Himself while fighting with strong asuras.

9.Modesty: Destruction of self can only be prevented when one does not boast and be too proud about this wealth.  I will do this by not unnecessarily boasting about what I have because destruction of one is because of their own. Sri Ramji never boasted or never were too proud of his wealth.

10.Self-Control:  In the present world, self-control is important because there are several tempting things which leads to destruction of one. I will develop this by controlling my urge to do something I love which would have come of no use for my future.  Sri Ramji with full control over his senses and emotions, did not breakdown when He heard about Sita Mataji being kidnapped.

Dhanyavadh Maa
Jash Dani – Yuvasatya Dubai

Hari Aum!

Pranaam Maa ji

Qualities of Lord Ram



3.Truthful and honest

4.Self-restrained (Self-control)

5.Free from envy



8.A man of his word


10.Well-wisher of all creatures

How will I adopt them in my life?

1.I can be righteous in my life by having faith in God and following all moral principles.

2.I can follow gratitude by acknowledging all those who helped me and by helping others without expecting any reward

3.I can be honest by being sincere and always being truthful to myself. Acting according to my words.

4.I will have self-control by not getting tempted or angered by the things around me. 

5.I will be happy with what I have and won’t be jealous of people who have better things than me.

6.I will try to be down to earth and not take price in anything.

7.I will be truthful and follow all the principles.

8.I will try to keep my promises.

9.Strictly follow my religion in a right way

10.I shall not wish bad for anyone and hope that everyone should progress

Yuvasatya Dubai