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Hari Aum!

When I pondered over the topic to be discussed I thought Maa was going to talk about Brahman who is the craftsman of all beings.

But as the topic unfolded, I got to know that it was all about one’s own self and we have to be a meticulous craftsman of our self. Like a craftsman who carves out a beautiful idol by chiselling out unwanted matter, polishes and gives it a finishing touch, we have to focus on ourselves and chisel out unwanted thoughts and deeds. We should imbibe virtues and good health resulting into a calm mind which can focus on Brahman. We can do so by Japam, Dhyanam, Vratam, reading scriptures, attending discourses. All these will shed light and we shall be more aware of what to reject every time. Once we are into practicing this, our Guru will guide us in smoothening and polishing our self and once this is achieved our spiritual journey is imminent.

Maa asked children to make diyaas for Deepavali, round ones signifying Brahman, and the pointed ones signifying the endless Creation. Enlisting virtues that are explained by Sree Ram to Lakshman ji, and how these virtues can be imbibed and practiced in life.

Maa explained the importance of Dussehra, to annihilate our bad thoughts and invoke Lord Sree Ram in our heart by chanting “SREE RAM RAMAY NAMAH”.

We are sincerely grateful to you GuruMaa, for making us aware about how to approach our festivals in a correct spiritual context.

With the grace of the Supreme, may we be able to follow and practice GuruMaa’s teachings. Our prostrations at Maa’s holy feet, Pranaam to Manish ji.

Alpa Dani
(Parent – YuvaSatya)

Hari Aum!

The Auspicious Navaratri Friday 23rd October morning was so blissful by the insightful talk of Maaji on "The Imminent Craftsman". The topic itself had excited us about what could be the talk and it was well illustrated with a proper example by Maaji which helped our kids to understand the topic.

The way Maaji explained 'how the idol became the ideal out of the right stone' by doing 4 important steps like chiselling out unwanted areas, carving out wanted areas, smoothening and polishing to get the perfect idol for worship. In the same manner as a human being, we need to find ourselves a Man, out of Man by removing the unwanted thoughts, words, deeds, all kinds of negativity and then carve out good qualities by listening, following virtues and find the proper Guru to polish ourselves to find a Man out of Man. 

The take away from the talk is "We as a parent should get polished by doing the right thing, put our thoughts in a right place by inculcating the qualities of "SREE RAM" and chisel out the qualities of Ravana so that we will become the perfect guide to our Kids to make them "Imminent Craftsman".

It was a wonderful eye opener talk given to us by Maaji which again made us think more on doing the right thing by performing spiritual activities.

Our Sincere and humble Pranaam,

Vinodkumar Devaraj,
Pratheeba Vinodkumar.
Keshav & Kashyap
(Bal Satya Burdubai)

Hari Aum !

Humble prostrations at Maa ji's Lotus Feet!

Maa's Talk on 'The Imminent Craftsman' was very enlightening. So beautifully Maa explained how we can mould ourselves just like how an idol is being made.

Our Rishis have introduced idols to represent certain ideals. To make idols, we use stones, of which some are very hard. Maa explained 5 steps in the process.

1. Choose the right type/quality and size of stone
2. Chisel out unwanted areas.
3. Carve out wanted portions.
4. Smoothen
5. Polish

Our human life is compared to this

1. We get this मनुष्य शरीर after many births.
2. Being humans and having discriminative faculty, we should chisel out unwanted thoughts, words and deeds.
3. We have to tune our अन्तःकरण by reading scriptures, offering seva, doing charity and सत्सङ्ग
4. When we thus qualify ourselves, by the Grace of Almighty, we come in contact with a Guru who guides us on the right path and elevates us.
5. Slowly, we get polished. Then we can offer ourselves at the Holy Feet of the Guru Parampara. Then we become Man-Man, an ideal human being, who strives for मोक्ष.

भगवान is the Imminent Craftsman, whom we have to keep as the Ideal, mould ourselves and keep striving to reach our goal.

Dhanyavad Maaji for enlightening us.


Hari Aum!

From the valuable talk delivered by Maaji, I learnt a very important thing:

Just like the craftsman who in the process of making Idol, chisels away the unwanted part from the stone and gives it a shape following up with painting; In the same way in order to become a good human being we have to chisel out negative traits and other unwanted things from our character and imbibe qualities of good virtues. Also, to give us final shape and lead us to good path and destiny we require a Guru who will properly guide us.