Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

Being with myself

YEAR 2022

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Smt. Vinitha Pritam
Dubai (UAE)

Hari Aum!

My humble prostrations to the Guru Parampara and to the Lotus Feet of Her Holiness Maa Purnanandaji.

I have always wondered how I would ever get to understand the complex Scriptures or tread the Righteous path of Spirituality, or for that matter, even know what Righteousness is. I was nothing but a completely confused soul who knew she wanted to tread this path but had no clue how or where to begin. I’m sure I’m not alone in having this predicament and that this thought would resonate with most others.

I was seeking answers to questions like ‘why me’, I have never knowingly hurt or troubled anyone. Why would our past life karmas affect our current life and so many more questions for which I never got any satisfying answers to; not until I joined the Satyavrat study circle and started listening to the discourses of dear Maaji, as Maa Purnanandaji is fondly referred to as.

They say only a mother can give selflessly and give even without being asked. We get a similar feeling when someone who has visited SISS comes back with fresh organic fruits and vegetables grown in the Divine premises for all of us. We are truly blessed to have a Gurumaa who does not fail to touch our lives in these simple ways along with the daunting task of steering our boats towards the One True Brahman.

Though words elude me when I try to explain how I or most of us feel about the August presence of Maaji in our lives, I can find recourse in the very own Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta Chapter 2 verse 29-

आश्चर्यवत्पश्यति कश्चिदेन
माश्चर्यवद्वदति तथैव चान्य: |
आश्चर्यवच्चैनमन्य: शृ्णोति
श्रुत्वाप्येनं वेद न चैव कश्चित् || 29||

It is said about the Self that ‘One sees This as a wonder, another speaks of This as a wonder, another hears of This as a wonder yet, having heard, none understands This at all!

Similarly, we are in a state of wonderment on how Maaji can effortlessly lower herself to our plane to explain the complex Scriptures and their import to us which not only helps us understand them but also to find ways to incorporate the teachings in our lives. She clears our doubts on how we can fulfil our duties as a grihastha and yet stay unaffected and untainted while on the perilous materialistic path we tread.

It is an incomparable journey where a Guru leads us from the visible to the Invisible, the material to the Divine, ephemeral to the Eternal.

We are also so blessed to have Maaji’s darshan in UAE and listen to the ocean of Knowledge where she effortlessly and lucidly delivers Divine Scriptures like ‘Sree RamCharitManas’, Sree Guru stotram, Amrit Bindu Upanishad and the likes. Conducting Sree Gayatri Homam under the guidance of Maaji was an ethereal and unforgettable experience.

I sincerely pray and hope that we strive to be worthy of this benevolence and are able to truly imbibe and adopt the virtues under the able guidance of our Guruma, Her Holiness Maa Purnanandaji.

Hari Aum

Kind Regards