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Neera Soni

Hari Aum!
Pranaam at the holy feet of Maa ji.
Shubh Shaardeeya Navratri to all.

Today we had the opportunity to do Sree Durga Devi Puja at SISS.

Due to lockdown we were unable to pursue our study circle classes at SISS. But now from past three weeks we have again started with our classes in Brahma Udyaan following all social distancing norms. We are very fortunate, as Maa ji too gives her insight and deeper imports on the discussed verses. Manish ji also joins in to share his special inputs and thoughts.

Today being Dvitiya Navratri, we decided to perform Sree Durga Devi Puja after the morning class. After Purna-Kumbh, Maa ji gave opportunity to all men to do Shodashopchaar under Manish ji’s guidance. It is always a mesmerising experience to perform Puja at Sadguru Sharanam.

Maa ji released Sree Amritbindu Upanishad USB.

We all miss our fellow Satyavrati’s and the retreats. May under the grace and guidance of Sree Guru Parampara we meet soon.