Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

Being with myself

YEAR 2022

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My first enthralling experience at SISS!

Shirish Yavalkar

Hari Aum!

I had been watching the Sreemad Bhagwad Geeta series on Epic channel by Guru Maa, unraveling the mystique secrets of the text so profound! I immediately got attracted by the ease with which Guru Maa would unfold the meanings of the Gita and make it applicable in daily life with much ease. I had this passing thought that if ever i shall be able to visit SISS and listen to live discourses! Then with the opportunity to attend the spiritual retreat at SISS, without any loss of time I decided to enroll myself.

When i entered the institute on the 19th evening, immediately i felt i have entered into a world far away from the materialistic one outside

I realised there was no fanfare around her and she was unassuming. I pinched myself to ensure if i was really there!

From the next day the daily regimen started and whatever little i could understand from it, was that it was a very carefully thought and planned spiritual schedule designed not to tire ourselves physically or mentally but to keep us fresh and fit to grasp the Spiritual discourses conducted by Guru Maa herself, to enlighten us and enhance us on the journey towards self-realization. I had a great time when in these three days i spent every moment in communion with HIM.

The atmosphere inside is serene, sublime and simple. the people are loving, caring and full of devotion. the kids were enjoying every moment of it. there is a positivity in the environment for everyone to feel

when on the final day, the kids were performing and chanting prayers in front of Guru Parampara, something deep inside told me that God always listens to the most pious and innocent souls so how come their prayers would go unheeded. No Never. the prayer of love, peace and compassion which are emanating from this small "Ashrama" will one day engulf the world and the truth will prevail.

I for one am yet to come out of the memories of the days i spent there and lying prostrate at the feet of Guru Parampara, I beg for blessing to continue my journey towards the Supreme, May I be graced by Divine blessings!

"Yato Dharmah Tato jayah"