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Youth & Their Loving Relationship (May’20)

Experiences shared by Yuva Satya

Hari Aum and Pranam, Maaji!

Hari Aum and Pranam to the Lotus Feet of Whole Guru Parampara!

The session with Maaji was very helping, evolving, as well as clarifying. It was great to hear Maa talk about a topic we deal with in our daily life. Love is something that we are supposed to continuously give. The lack of love can kill, or do worse things to man. Maa explained such a vital force to us, in such a simple way so that we understand it. Maa cleared all misconceptions of what love is, that we see in our daily life. And, of course, we had a lot to learn from the talk.

In Yuva Satya, we are reading Sree Gurudev’s book, ‘Kindle Life’, which we discuss every week. During such a crisis, it was impossible to discuss because of social distancing, so I had some unclarities in my mind. This circumstance further compliments Maa’s session with us, as I, and the others got answers to our misunderstanding and questions.  It was something I was looking forward to, as, the Guru’s words (Kindle Life), need to be clarified by the Guru (Maaji) Herself, to enter my lame and ignorant Mind. I look forward to reading Kindle Life and listening to Maa, whenever I can.

Hari Aum,

Pranams to Maa,


Hari Aum

We Yuva Satya students were very fortunate and blessed to have Maaji to enlighten us about youth and their loving relationship. We came to know about what love is truly and the five different levels of love in Sanskrit. Sneha is the first level of love which is considerate love where there is kindness and compassion for youngers, plants and animals. The second level is called Prema which means friendly love for our equals and is free from greed, anger, jealousy etc. The Third Level is Vishwas which is shown to our parents and elders. It means respectful love. Respect for one another also shows that we love that person and have no fear. The fourth is Bhakti which is faithful love free from doubts shown to the Sadgurus and the Lord. Shraddha is the ultimate love which requires steady understanding and complete surrender to the supreme. This love is unconditional. I would like to thank Sudheer uncle and Manish ji for providing us the lovely opportunity and experience to listen to Maa.

Hari Aum


Love is a way to show your emotions of affection towards another person. There are 5 forms of love. The first one is 'Sneha'. 'Sneha' is love towards youngers or, it can also be termed as selfish love. The second one is 'Prem'. 'Prem' is love towards our equals. 'Prem' is expressed to others through acts of kindness and devotion. The difference between 'Prem' and 'Sneha' is that Prem is not selfish love. It is devotional love. The third one is 'Vishvas'. 'Vishvas' is love towards our elders. 'Vishvas' literally means belief. We can express 'Vishvas' by not doubting our elders. It is a mark of respect as well. The fourth one is 'Bhakti'. 'Bhakti' is faith in something or divinity. The fifth one is 'Shraddha'. 'Shraddha' is love for Supreme Truth. When we completely sacrifice ourselves to the supreme truth, it is termed as 'Shraddha'. Love should not only remain an emotion but, it should become devotional as well. 

Hari Aum


There are five types of love - sneha, prema, vishwas, bhakti, Shradha. Sneha is considerate love of younger children plant and animal. Prema is respectful love shown towards elderly. Bhakti is all above, plus faithful love which is free from doubt shown towards Lord and Sadguru. Shradha again is all of the above plus unconditional love this is the ultimate love and shown to the Supreme Reality.

Hari Aum


My experience with Maaji was very wonderful. I wish she would have talked for more time in fact. The meeting went well and I feel very grateful that she answered my questions. I hope she can give another talk, in the near future.

Hari Aum


Hari Aum!


What an experience it was! Corona may prevent us from meeting each other, but it cannot prevent us to spread the divine knowledge. Yuva Satya being a very pure medium to spread subjective knowledge to the present youth has always shown us a way to deal with day to day life situations may it be good or bad because, extravaganza is developed a lot in the present youth probably because they're influenced by others. So to moderate that nature in present youth, this type of medium is undoubtedly necessary. We have never stopped spreading and gaining divine knowledge and we never will. The experience of attending the online session of yuva Satya has been extremely divine even if we haven’t interacted in person. Maa as usual in her unique way conveying message and lessons having deep meaning in a very understandable and simple manner has helped to know more about what is "Love" actually in that session. Maa taking out time for the present youth and explaining them deeply about how to deal with daily life matters is really honorable and a joyful moment. This session has not only helped to connect for attaining knowledge but also has given a chance to interact with Maa and clear all our doubts preparing for the path to attain Mukti, because at last this world is maya out of which we have to move out.


Jash Dani.

Hari Aum

With utmost reverence, prostrations to the Guru Parampara, Guru Maa, and, to Manish Uncle.

The online Yuva Satya talk, though attended within the comforts of our homes, was indeed an experience so fruitful, that it almost felt as though I was sitting at the holy feet of Maa herself, in the Sadguru Sharnam, with a notepad and ballpoint pen ready, as always, to note down the invaluable words spoken by Maa, which I knew may never be repeated, because golden words are spoken only once. Post-Mahabharata, Sree Krishna himself could not repeat the Bhagwad Geeta to Partha for the second time when requested to do so, the reason being, that these words are to be said once, in a certain condition, at a particular place, and a preordained time.

I will always cherish the fact that Maa has blessed us with a certain culture and knowledge-set that I know that no one can snatch from me. The sixth incarnation of Vishnu, Chiranjeevi Sree Parshurama, too has said, that knowledge once imparted, can neither be taken back, nor can be stolen by anyone; it remains with us forever. In this Yuva Satya talk, Maa imbibed within us the quality of spreading love and happiness wherever we go, and gave us knowledge about the different kinds of love, namely Sneha, Prem, Vishwas, Bhakti, and Shraddha. Being taught about these different kinds of love gave me an entirely different perception of what my Dhrishti and Bhaav towards the Sansaar should be.

No words can fully express my gratitude to Sree Krishna, the Guru Parampara, Maa, and Manish Uncle for giving me an opportunity to attend this talk. I cannot wait to be back at the invigorating, energetic yet serene ashram. I truly miss the Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple, the Sadguru Sharanam, the Annapurna Kshetra, and Pablo.

Saashtaang Pranaam Maa.

Dhruv Someshwar.

Love & Teaching Through a Zoom Meeting!

Hari Aum

My pranaam to all. In this period of lock down, we may as well culture our mind into a creative and a good friend…. what I mean is that what Maa had taken on 15th May's zoom session. We children with our parents had attended Guru maa’s zoom call for yuva Satya on the topic “Youth and Their Loving Relationship”. Maa gave us the essential points, rules or we can even say that she gave us the gist on how to live our life in harmony by loving every one in different ways…. Ways in the sense giving each group its own respect. We should have:

  1. स्नेह for people younger to us.
  2. प्रेम for the ones of equal age.
  3. विश्वास towards our elders.
  4. भक्ति for the Lord.
  5. And श्रद्धा for the only Consciousness and the ultimate Supreme.

She also answered the question: how to love everyone purely... “we can’t just love anyone purely. We have to have that purity in us which then will make us love all of the Lord’s creation with pure love. This is the key of success for the love for all the creations of the Lord. At last I would give my pranaam to Manish mama and love to Pablo who i missed meeting this summer. Thank you for including me.

Pranaam and Regards,

Riddhima Tulshan.