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Hari Aum!

My humble pranaam, and prostrations to Maa.

Today's session on "Delimiting the Limit" was really informative and uprooted the doubts by giving suitable examples. Time and again Maa has spoken the power of japa mantra but today made it sound and clear to discipline the mind and also emphasised on how to keep a greater purpose to "Delimit the Limit" and channel our positivity through japa so that it purges the negativity in us.

Sripriya Sreeharsha

Hari Aum!

Blessed to be born in the land of great Sages and Masters, I bow down to Them to be worthy of Their worship. My humble pranaam to Gurumaa for enlightening us with Your valuable words and sincere gratitude to Manishji for the session that was so precious. As he rightly pointed out, the topic itself prompts one to ‘delimit’ the ‘limited self’ and learn from the session that followed.

The bright full moon of Sharad Purnima heralded the auspicious occasion of “Sree Valmiki Jayanti.” Praying to the resplendent full moon, Gurumaa led us to remind us of our complete nature and not identify with our apparently incomplete mind, which is perpetually at unrest. But how can this be achieved? By invoking the grace of the great Maharshi, Sree Valmikiji.

Born as Ratnakar in a Brahmin family, at a certain time when His family met with severe crisis due to long standing drought, He imparted 3 important and preliminary teachings then: - (1)Succumbing to easier methods, unbecoming of human, we Fall. (2)But our Association with the Higher, (3)makes the Wisdom in us speak and lead us to the right path. The initial purification process of the self-centred ego by the practice of “MARA” in thought word and deed, with full dedication and sincerity without shifting focus (depicted by anthill) can later be brought to be centred in “RAMA” through the sacred teachings of ‘Sree Ramayana’ composed by Sree Valmikiji; the right import of which can be understood only when learnt at the feet of a Sadguru.

Guru Maa taught us how reverential we need to be towards the great sage to understand correctly and assimilate the Holy Text, the essence of which was indicated in the Shloka when Sree Valmiki ji sees the hunter, (Raavan roopi mind - deluded & ego intoxicated) killing one of the birds (selfish activities). The Holy Text teaches us to be disciplined in every aspect and stage of life, only to “Delimit the Limit”.

My Pranaam always!

Shikha Tulshan

Pranaam to Maaji!!

On the Jayanthi of Maharishi Sree Valmiki, Maaji beautifully explained His Charita.

The transformation of Ratnakar to Sree Valmiki was so amazing. From this wonderful narration, when Sree Narad ji asked Ratnakar to change his attitude, by doing Japa of “Rama” he believed and practiced Narad Ji’s instructions without questioning. That is why Ratnakar became Maharshi Valmiki.

When we read or listen to glorious legends of great Rishis and people, we should try to imbibe the good qualities from their glorious life and put those qualities into practice in our daily life. Regularity is vital in forming good habits. An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory.

Let us Practice every day

“Japa of “Rama, Rama”

Writing half a page the Mantra of  “Rama Rama.”

Sing “Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare—HareKrishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” along with the members of our family.

Read Ramayana.”

So that, our hardened heart will become as compassionate as Lord Sree Ram.

Mythili Muralidharan

Hari Aum!

I feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to chant in front of You, Maa ji. I enjoyed the Talk as well. You explain even the most difficult topics in such simple words that we children can understand easily. I will follow all that You said Maaji.

Thank you,

Shreya Rayavaram
(Balsatya, Dubai)