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Call-Talks with Maa - Our Virtual Immunity Boosters During The Pandemic

Sri Sudheer
Dubai, U.A.E

Hari Aum,

Prostrations at the Lotus Feet of H.H. Maa Purnananda ji, our most compassionately loving Maa.

I recollect, feeling low when the pandemic broke out. We were enthusiastically making our travel plans to be once again at the tranquil campus of Satyavrat Institute of Subject Sciences (SISS), to attend the much-awaited session on Meditation and be present for the Sree Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti on 28th April. Our flights from Dubai got cancelled but Guru’s blessing ensured that we disciples across the oceans got connected with Maaji eventually, on the very auspicious day, via the virtual meeting platform, thanks to the planning and efforts of Manish ji . The always prevalent subtle connection, as if automatically, manifested on time. It was blissful to hear Maaji's words of wisdom, inspiring us to zoom inwards. The power of attraction - Guruthwam or Grace of Gurus, is irrefutable. Guru in the form of nature also was in a way getting us ready by cutting us off from the mundane routine - teaching us the import of diving inwards and meditate on the Self. Probably, we needed to ready ourselves to qualify for teachings on Meditation. The Guru-Tattvam is there everywhere, protecting us, teaching us, and evolving us. During Maaji's talk, Sree Adi Shankaracharya ji and Sree Chinmayananda Gurudev's presence and blessing were so densely felt, on that auspicious day. Maithiliji and Ramnathji had very beautifully captured the essence of the talk in their respective articles posted on the SISS website. Maa's compassion was more than what we deserved and to add to that, we had Maaji chant Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta verse 5 of Chapter XVIII giving us a melodious clue to the launch of an USB. As some of us guessed it correctly, it turned out to be the much awaited USB titled “Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta Paath”, wherein Maa in Her divine voice had chanted the Dhyaan Shlok and the entire 18 Chapters, to help us learn to chant with the correct pronunciation.

For past couple of months, the Study Circles could not meet physically, and as directed by SISS we were using the time to internalize the learning so far. The virtual Call-Talk of 28th April’20 had only increased our hunger for the quest. Before we could digest all these nourishing servings from Maa, She blessed us again with a Q&A session on the 29th of May’20, wherein the three Study Circle Groups from Dubai and other disciples attended to quench our thirst and clear doubts, as much as our limited intellect had the capacity to. But with Guru Maa's blessing we know we will ultimately overcome these limitations for sure, with Shraddha and efforts.

Our Children were as fortunate as us, for they had Call-Talks filled with tons and tons of love from Maaji. Children also had to discontinue their physical meeting every Thursday for the YuvaSatya classes. But during the lock-down, they have been doing their self-studies very religiously, in a disciplined manner. They were blessed by the showering of love and motivation from our ever compassionate Maa. Thanks once again to the timely initiative from Manishji, a virtual talk session was arranged with children on May 8th, wherein Maaji gave Her message on love to Yuva Satya Study Circle children from India, UAE and UK. Children had earlier in their Study Circle classes read the 'I Love You' text and are currently reading the sublime text titled 'Kindle Life' written by Gurudev Swami Chinmayananada ji. The beautiful message from Maaji on the transition of levels of Love, helped children consolidate their understanding and appreciate all the more, the teaching on the aspects of Love, evolving from Sneha, Prema, Vishwaas, to Bhakti and up to Shraddha. We could see how that love radiated from Maaji to the Children, when we read the articles written by these young boys and girls. Being Youth And Their Loving Relationship It was enlightening and a pleasant surprise to the parents as well who were present during the call. Parent had questions too, but Maaji had dedicated Her session to exclusively to speak with the children.

However, we parents got blessed with another opportunity to have a virtual session with Maaji on 16th of May, this time, exclusively to answer parents’ questions not only about Love but also common queries about interacting in the world and on spiritual path. As one of the Parents mentioned in her comments, the Q&A Session with the Yuva Satya parents was 'An Eye-Opener'. We parents learnt how important it is to introspect into our own behavior first before simply blaming the children. Parents also got inspired to do Sadhana in the form of reading and learning from the Scriptures. Here again, the parents from UAE, UK and India were blessed with the pristine knowledge. We always feel that divine protection from Maaji, who brings with Her the entire Guru Parampara's blessings for us.

The most recent in the series of Call-Talks by Maaji was the Q&A session held today 31st May’20 with disciples across India, from Noida, Aurangabad, Chennai, Mumbai extending upto Numaligarh in Assam. The overseas disciples had already had a session earlier on 29th. In both the Q&A sessions, the questions answered included clarification on Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta shloks, explanation of Vedantik concepts, ways to interact with the worldly challenges, and much more. Almost everybody got an opportunity to clear their doubts. The Q&A sessions were so intriguing that on both occasions, Maa ji very considerately extended the session beyond the prescribed time limit, as wished by the participants. The session concluded by a highly intense but brief talk by Maa on the three key principle theories from Vedanta, that is essential to understand and discriminate the Real from the Unreal. Maaji in Her most simplistic and brief way explained the three extremely lofty theories of Adhyaaropavadh, Pratibimbhavadh and Avacchedavadh. Understanding and assimilating just this 5-minute instruction from Maaji alone may take aeons for us.

Submitting at the Lotus Feet of Maa, with prayers seeking Viveka Buddhi.