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Inner Wake-Up Call

Ramnath Venkatraman
Dubai, U.A.E

Hari Aum,

My pranaams at the Holy Feet of Her Holiness Maa Purnanandaji whose overflowing kindness for our upliftment, made us wait eagerly to hear Maa's mellifluously divine voice in a Q & A session last Friday.

My query was on how a Jnani Bhakta from  Verse 16 in Ch 7 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta , Jnana Vignana Yog, would be able to relate to the Nirguna apsect of Divinity, while worshipping Saguna.

Maa clearly and emphatically said that for Vedantic seekers, Nirguna is the target, however, since we are dealing with the entire world and ourselves  as Saguna, we cannot reject it, but make it a medium to strive towards Nirguna Upasana.

Even during Puja, eg. Sree Ganesh Puja, we invoke the deity as a form of Para Brahma. The Ganesh Stuti - Ajam Nirvikalpam Niraakaar Roopam ... culminating in Para Brahma Roopam Ganesham Bhajema enlightens us on how we can worship the Unmanifest through understanding and devotion to the Manifest Form. 

I seek Maa's Blessings to remain humbly worshipful at the Lotus Feet of Sree Ishwara and Sadgurus.

Ramnath Venkatraman
Dubai (UAE)