Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

Being with myself

YEAR 2022

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Dubai (U.A.E)


Prostrations to Guru Parampara and my humble pranaam at Maa’s Lotus feet.

Thank You Manishji for giving us this opportunity to listen to Maa. Really appreciate all your efforts in organizing these sessions.

The very first thing we need to understand about destiny is that there are two categories we can fall into. We can either be the ones who face our destiny or the ones who behold it. Our destiny is what we make it to be.

One needs to consciously behold one’s destiny by walking the right path and always being aware.
During the session, the questions children asked with such innocence were also pertinent.
There were questions such as
‘Why do I get angry?
Why do I forget things?
Why do I keep repeating mistakes?’ Which we as adults face as well.

Maaji answered these with simple words, saying the key thing here is to reflect on yourself. Keeping a check on yourself, reminding yourself of the practices and maintaining discipline is what helps us follow the right path and behold our destiny.

Sanchit is our accumulated karma as a result of our past actions. It is what decides our future. What we are presently going through is our praarabdham, as a result of those actions. Paying attention and giving importance to our present actions will impact our praarabdham for the future. Thus, we are responsible for all our actions and must acknowledge that. Self-check and contemplation are the starting point.

Good, moral and ethical actions result in happiness, while evil, immoral and unethical actions result in unhappiness. One must learn to be accountable for one’s actions and perform them consciously.

My main takeaway from this session is that by studying our scriptures and trying to live by them, we pave our path and make our own future. Discipline and commitment are the way to progress in life.

May the Supreme bless all with happiness and keep each and every one free from disease and may all see the auspiciousness and nobody fall in sorrow.

Hari Aum!