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Hari Aum! Humble Pranaam at Maaji's Lotus Feet!

It was once again a wonderful experience to listen to Maaji on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali. 

The topic Health, Wealth and Stealth rightly suits this occasion, where we pray to Mother Lakshmi who bestows this prosperity. Maa recalled the terms Covid and "कोविद्" which she had mentioned during the beginning of this lockdown period. She said, "We are a patient if we have Covid. We are a कोविद् if we have patience”. Such beautiful words! Our health is determined by our patience and we nurture our patience by training our mind-intellect equipment (अन्तःकरण) via various art forms. When we develop enough patience, Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati bestow fertility and our spiritual wisdom will sprout. This is true Health. Good health will lead us to righteous Wealth.

In this context Maa picked 2 stanzas from Sree Ashtalakshmi Stotram and explained every word of these two verses. She mentioned that chanting this stotra is a very important way of associating with Goddess Lakshmi. 

सुमनसवन्दित सुन्दरि माधवि, चन्द्र सहोदरि हेममये ।।
मुनिगणमण्डित मोक्षप्रदायिनि, मञ्जुळभाषिणि वेदनुते ।।
पङ्कजवासिनि देवसुपूजित, सद्गुणवर्षिणि शान्तियुते ।।
जयजय हे मधुसूदन कामिनि, आदिलक्ष्मि सदा पालय माम् ।। १ ।।
जय कमलासनि सद्गतिदायिनि, ज्ञानविकासिनि गानमये ।।
अनुदिनमर्चित कुङ्कुमधूसर-भूषित वासित वाद्यनुते ।।
कनकधरास्तुति वैभव वन्दित, शङ्कर देशिक मान्य पदे ।।
जयजय हे मधुसूदन कामिनि, विजयलक्ष्मि सदा पालय माम् ।। ६ ।।

I was wondering how the word Stealth fits in here. Maa beautifully explained that we steal only that which is kept secret. In spirituality, this is the Secretive Knowledge about the True Self, the Supreme Reality. This secret is revealed to those who search externally and seek internally and only when they deserve it. At this juncture Maa concluded the speech by blessing all devotees and quoting the last verse from Chapter 15 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta and a verse from Taittireya Upanishad.

इति गुह्यतमं शास्त्रमिदमुक्तं मयानघ |
एतद्बुद्ध्वा बुद्धिमान्स्यात्कृतकृत्यश्च भारत || 20|| B.G.Ch.15

This is the most confidential part of the Vedic scriptures, O sinless one, and it is disclosed now by Me. Whoever understands this will become wise, and his endeavors will know perfection.

"यश्छन्दसामृषभो विश्वरूपः। छन्दोभ्योऽध्यमृतात् संबभूव। स मेन्द्रो मेधया स्पृणोतु। अमृतस्य देव धारणो भूयासम्‌।शरीरं मे विचर्षणम्‌। जिह्वा मे मधुमत्तमा।कर्णाभ्यां भूरि विश्रुवम्‌।ब्रह्मणः कोशोऽसि मेधया पिहितः।श्रुतं मे गोपाय।" (तैत्तिरीय उपनिषद्)

The knowledge that I have heard should get established in me. All of us should become established in this knowledge. That is why the prayer, “Shrutam Me Gopaaya”.

Dhanyavad and Pranaam,
Gayatri Ramanan
(Dubai Study Circle)

Hari Aum! On the Auspicious Occasion of Deepawali, we were blessed by Maaji with her Talk on the topic “Health Wealth and Stealth”.

Every Deepawali we wish our near and dear ones by saying “Wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous Deepawali". This year has been a unique one for everyone in some way or the other, while Prosperity meant health; more than anything else. It is only after Maaji's Talk on this Topic did we understand the actual meaning of it.

Maaji's Talks make us ponder over things which are in plain visibility; yet invisible. We have been listening or reading them again and again and yet they don’t strike us until Maaji points out to them in her Talks.

Maaji spoke about Patience which is a virtue that we have almost lost. Our culture had so many ways of inculcating this virtue in us. Our traditional Art forms like Classical Music, Dance, Paintings, Sculpting etc. taught us patience automatically. Balsatya children had to make Diyas out of dough and paint them as per their liking, for Deepawali and light the diyas in front of the Altar. This task engaged the whole family and we had to keep patience to get them right and do as instructed. It was such a wonderful and natural way of teaching, learning and understanding the deepest Philosophy.

We do so many things to keep our body healthy but what about our mental and intellectual health? Only when we are physically, mentally and intellectually fit; can we look at Spiritual Progress. At the same time if we don’t pay attention to Scriptural Studies, we lose out on the essence of this birth in the human form. If we pay attention to our overall health we will be blessed with Wealth. Now what is wealth?

Our scriptures always have a holistic approach towards things; not just material Prosperity but Ashta Lakshmi: 8 types of Wealth which is Adi Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santaan Lakshmi, Vijay Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi and finally Dhana Lakshmi. Mahalakshmi blesses us with Culture, Patience, Fertility, Peace, Wisdom and ultimately Moksha.

Health and Wealth is understood but why Stealth? But when Maaji chanted

इति गुह्यतमं शास्त्रमिदमुक्तं मयाऽनघ।
एतद्बुद्ध्वा बुद्धिमान्स्यात्कृतकृत्यश्च भारत।।15.20।।

then we could connect with Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta where the Lord has called this Knowledge of the Self as a ‘Royal Secret’ revealed to the deserving alone. Therefore, Stealth is very important, if one is a seeker of the Truth.

To understand the scriptures in their complete import we need to be pure, free from all maliciousness and worldly attachment which will bring out GOLD in us. This can happen only with selfless dedication towards the Guru and their Grace while doing our Purushaarth as per Scriptural ordinance

We are so blessed to study the Shastras under Your guidance Maa, and we pray sincerely to follow this Path always. Our Humble Prostrations at the Holy Feet of the most revered Sree Guru Parampara and Your Lotus Feet.

(Dubai Study Circle)

My humble prostrations to Maa and pranaam to all of you.

Today's session on Health, Wealth and Stealth by Maa ji has made it clear as to why Spiritual education is necessary and why we have to go through the Guru. Thanks a lot for the talk. Although it was for a very short time, it was filled with so many learnings, to imbibe and practice throughout our lives. We will follow the instructions given, to offer Naivedyam along with the spouse, and perform Puja together with family. 

Hari Aum
Sripriya Sreeharsha
(Dubai Gardens - Balasatya parent)