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Hari Aum!
Prostrations at the Lotus feet of Guru Maa.

I always feel blessed and fortunate whenever I visit SISS.

Year 2020 has been very different as due to Covid we have not been able to have our regular retreats. All our fellow seekers from out station are unable to come. We seekers at Delhi- NCR were fortunate to offer Maha Abhishekam at Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple. This year we completed 10 years of the Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple.

We had two days of blissful experience. On the first day we started with our study circle class. Then after breakfast, Maa ji took a session on Sree Satyanarayan Katha. We got the Vedantic insight of the text of which few takeaways are,

1. Satya is eternal so always practice Truth.

2. Non-apprehension of the true Self is the biggest bondage.

3. Do not postpone Divine aspect of life and do not do false promises to yourself.

4. Realise wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness. 

5. Do not deviate from Divinity to reach heaven, and ultimately get liberated.

Second day, 30th Nov, was Kartik Purnima. The day started with Puja, followed by Havan performed by the pandit jis at the Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple. Thereafter we were blessed to perform the auspicious Maha abhishekam of Sree Ishwara. We all got a chance to enter the Garbhagruha and offer Abhisheskam. The Alankar Aarti of Sree Ishwara was truly Divine.

This time Sharmishtha ji, Rohini ji and myself had another blissful experience of cooking the Prasad meals ourselves in Annakshetra kitchen. We made Prasad from the freshly plucked vegetables from the Brahma Udyan. We got to witness the new hidden talent of Manish ji – his cooking skills, which are to be appreciated indeed!

Though no words are enough to express credits to Manish ji, who almost single handily manages everything.

The staff, as usual is very helpful and courteous.

Special mention of dear Pablo who is a silent observer to all the activities.

We miss all our fellow seekers and pray that we all can meet together soon to learn under the guidance of Sree Guru Parampara.

Warm Regards,
Neera Soni
(Delhi – NCR)