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Prema Kaliyan
Dubai (UAE)
31st Oct 2020

Hari Aum!

Humble prostrations and pranaam at the Holy Feet of Maaji. It is always great to hear Maaji. Our heartfelt dhanyavaad to Manishji for giving this opportunity to hear Maaji by arranging this session.

As today is Sree Valmiki Jayanthi, Maaji gave a brief of the story of Ratnakar and how he evolved to become the renowned saint Sree Valmiki. Ratnakar, a born Brahmin, due to external circumstances becomes a dacoit and convinces himself that he is doing this sinful act for the sake of his family. From this story line, Maaji explained how one should not lose ones’ character, status, and true self even when pressed by difficult circumstances. I felt it was an eye opener when Maaji said, that when given an option we choose the easier path. When we face difficult circumstances in our day to day life, we often compromise on our principles and try to justify the actions opted for. This taught me, that I have to stand firm on my virtues and values even in difficult times.

Another insight from the story of Saint Valmiki is, no one becomes great by their birth or by their caste. It is based on one’s good deeds that one becomes a good person. This realisation can come at any age and it can come with the right company. This right company of a Guru, can elevate us to higher level, even if we have fallen very low in life.

Ratnakar realized his sins and asked Narad ji for way to redemption. Narad ji told Ratnakar to chant the name of Lord Sree Ram. Ratnakar however found it difficult to chant RAMA and therefore opted to change it as MA RA. Maaji beautifully related the reverse chanting, MA RA to the worldly affairs. We give so much importance to the worldly affairs (MA RA) and over indulge in it, without realising at the end it does convert into RAMA (the ultimate truth). At present, we are so much conditioned by the limits of the world that we forget the Infinite Reality of the Supreme. My comprehension from this is that we have to pursue the spiritual path with confidence and consistency throughout our life. Nothing is lost by pursuing the spiritual path. This consistency is portrayed by the anthill that develops on Ratnakar, when he is in deep tapas taking the name of Lord Rama.

Once the realisation happened to Ratnakar and he was transformed as Saint Valmiki, he sees a hunter, killing one of the two birds. Out of great sadness, he utters in Sanskrit,

Maa nishaada prathishtaan thvamaagamah shashvatee samaa
Yat krouncha mithunaad ekam avadhee kaamamohitham

From this, a seeker can take the literal meaning (Vaachyaarth) in the context of the story and if blessed by a Guru, can understand the Implied meaning (Lakshyaarth). A seeker would be able to break the shackles of the limit of his spiritual learning, only with the help of a Guru.

From this point on, Saint Valmiki writes the story of Sreemad Ramayanam, which illustrates the Maryada (the limits) we should follow in our lives, through the life lessons of Maryada Purushottam (Sree Rama).

Maaji very beautifully concluded the session with the shanti mantra, relating to the Moon – Purnima – completeness.

Aum poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyate
poornasya poornamaadaaya poornameva avashishyate
Aum Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih.

The full Moon is a symbolic representation of completeness, the infinite Truth, with no beginning and no end.

Maaji advised us to take time out and watch the full moon to absorb the calmness, tranquillity and admire the brilliant beauty of the moon. From now onwards, my thoughts on watching the moon will have a different perception.

I would take this opportunity to thank Maaji for blessing us with her insights which are really moulding us and the children day by day towards the Truth.

Dhanyavad for teaching us how to not limit ourselves with the limits.