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Divine Affinity with Nature

Jyoti Narayan

Hari Aum!

It was a very nice sunny morning and all the Satyavrat Balsatya’s families were looking forward to this special day. It was a Spiritual as well as fun filled picnic for all of us including grand parents called “Vangamanam” organized at Creek Park. “Van” means forest and “Gamanam” means going. As Ramnath ji said, Mataji has coined an apt name that explains Nature.

We all assembled at around 8.30 am at Creek Park. And guess what, it was a nice feeling to be interacting with all the like-minded people. We had our morning prayers followed by delicious breakfast consisting of parathas, samosas, jalebis and chai, enjoyed every bit of it. Special thanks to Milind ji for all the arrangements of Vanagamanam.

After breakfast, we had the game session for elders and kids. The games were very innovative and funfilled one organized by Gomathi ji and Vinaya ji, the partner snatching and the Krishna-Radha-Arjun game needs special mention.

To make the picnic memorable, we had the cake cutting moment for celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ramnath ji & Gomathi ji, Anshuman ji & Shreya ji wedding anniversary and birthday celebration of Manomay.

We chanted the 15th Chapter of the Bhagawad Geeta under Ramnath ji’s guidance followed by sumptuous lunch of paneer sabji, aloo sabji, noodles, veg biryani, roti, boondi raita and gajar halwa.

After lunch, we had a hilarious session of “Housie” conducted by Ramnath ji. It was a complete involment of every one holding their breath for their numbers to be called up. There were gifts for all the games including gifts for all the children. This is not all. We had Mataji’s blessings (Audio CD on Sree Ishwara Vandana) for all the families as well.

All in all, it was a great fun filled memorable get-together for all us including the grand parents and I am sure, like us, there are many who are eagerly waiting for the next one to happen soon.