Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
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Hari Aum! 

Every time I listen to GuruMaa, a knot in me opens up somewhere. This Geeta Jayanti, too, was no exception. 

The way in which Geeta message was delivered, without ever letting the listener feel uneasy by the vastness of the subject and possibility of getting lost in the seemingly contradictory nuances, it was a pleasant surprise that by the time message was over, the realisation happened that the thought pattern had already been rewired in the Geeta-way. 

The goal, and the means to achieve it, were delivered so effortlessly.

It seems as if Guru Maa has understood where we devotees are finding it difficult to realise the Geeta Concept. 

Suggesting the second verse of ‘Tapovanam Shatkam’, in the most intuitive & ingenious style, the God Vision got suddenly so clear, and then pointing out the techniques of awakening that potential in us, the seekers, through the 20 qualities of 13th chapter, the means also seem so practical, and also within reach, to reach the final goal. 

These 20 goals, if seen within us, then we can be sure that we are in the right process, otherwise we need to be conscious that we might be off track and course correction might be necessary. So, targeting these 20/20, in-fact, is progress towards the Knowledge of the Self, and worthy goal to emulate if we want fulfilment in life. 

The call talk has definitely given a boost to our urge and rekindled our determination to tread the path wholeheartedly, with courage & enthusiasm.

With Loving Gratitude, and Pranaam at the lotus feet of GuruMaa,

Rajib Phukan

Hari Aum!

I have listened to many beautiful discourses by Maaji, but the powerful and profound talk by Maaji on 25th of December 2020, “Independence from Dependence” was so exemplary and I have no words to express my Gratitude to Maaji. As a seeker, what has to be our focus and how it has to be attained was so vividly explained by Maaji.

The mind, which is stuck in place, time, things and circumstances has to be pulled out, and with full awareness practice at least few qualities described in Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, Chapter13, verses 7-11, like Humility, Uprightness, Service to Guru, Self-control, Indifference to objects of senses, Non- egoism, Non-attachment to things around us, always fix the mind on the Lord. This will lead the seeker to practice Spiritual path with greater Vairagya, which will ultimately ignite the fire of “independence from dependence” in our heart, purify it, so that it becomes worthy of, to become the seat of the Lord.

Let the Great Guru Sree Tapovan Maharaj bless us all to take refuge under the tutelage of Maa Purnananda ji, guide us through this wonderful spiritual journey.... Dhanyavaad

Mythili Muralidharan

Hari Aum!

Today, 25th of December is the auspicious day in three aspects, we are from Hindu tradition and we are blessed to be under the shelter of Guru Parampara.

Significance of today from the Spiritual aspect is…

• Sree Geeta Jayanti comes first, then Vaikuntha Ekadashi/Mokshada Ekadashi and then Sree Tapovanam Jayanti.

• We are dependent on: -
  o Circumstances (Paristithi)
  o Objects & Beings (Vastu)
  o Time (Kaal)
  o Place/Space (Desha)

• We can become independent by systematically following: -
  o Cultural Traditions
  o Religious Practices
  o Spiritual teachings 

• As individuals we are dependent on Desha, Kaal, Vastu and Parasthithi. So the Lord tells us to come to “My refuge” which means Brahmaloka, then we can deal with anything individually.

• All the Religious and Spiritual practices will help us reach Brahmaloka and to Vaikuntha to ultimately liberate ourselves.

• Sree Tapovanam Maharaj ji is none other than Brahmaji who came in the form of a Sadguru to teach us and guide us and is blessing us now.

• It’s a sin to have an egocentric approach. We need to live in harmony by serving the community, nurturing the nature and practice what we learn from the scriptures and follow the Guru Parampara.

• Finally, we all need to seek guidance from our Guru Parampara to get the burning desire to liberate from the worldly life.

Sruti and Laya Natesan
Bal Satya, Burdubai