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Experiences shared by
(1) Gayatri & Ramanan
(2) Ashish Wig

Sree Guru Purnima - by Gayatri & Ramanan

Guru Maa’s Blessings on Sree Guru Purnima - by Ashish Wig


Humble Pranaams at the Lotus Feet of the Guru Parampara!

It is our privilege and blessing to get connected virtually and listen to Her Holiness Maa Purnananda Ji on this auspicious day of Sree Guru Purnima. It was a pleasant surprise to listen to Sree Shiv Shadaakshar Stotram sung and offered by few devotees and Manish Ji. Maa beautifully used the words Covid, the pandemic and कोविद, the Sanskrit term.

Starting with the pandemic, Maa explained so beautifully how life has to be taken, with a verse from Sree Adi Shankaracharya Ji’s Bhaja Govindam,

“नलिनीदलगतजलमतितरलम्, तद्वज्जीवितमतिशयचपलम्।
विद्धि व्याध्यभिमानग्रस्तं,लोक शोकहतं च समस्तम् “

We should not be attached to this transient world, like the water droplets on lotus. We should face life’s challenges by taking Lord’s name. Here Maa beautifully connected the Sanskrit term कोविद from Sree Hanuman Chalisa,

यम कुबेर दिगपाल जहाँते ।
कवि कोविद कहि सकैं कहाँते ॥

Here the word कोविद means learned or Vidwaan. So we have to be very intelligent and wise to deal with challenges in life. We have to take the positive side of the two words, a lesson we should learn from the Guru Parampara. Maa also quoted another verse from Chapter 3 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta,

धूमेनाव्रियते वह्निर्यथादर्शो मलेन च |
यथोल्बेनावृतो गर्भस्तथा तेनेदमावृतम् ||

The body is conditioned by physical attachments (the embryo in the womb), the mind is conditioned by 6 obstacles (काम, क्रोध, लोभ, मोह, मद, मात्सर्य) and the intellect swings between Knowledge and ignorance like fire and smoke. Only a Guru can remove this Trigunaatmika Maya, which keeps us away from our Real Self. While going through joys and sorrows, we have to remember that the real joy is in our heart, we are Ananda Swaroop. Only by surrendering to the Guru Parampara, we can cross this Samsaar Sagar.

Maa also quoted Gurudev’s message -
“True Knowledge enables a man to realise that he is the Soul with the body. Now in his ignorance, he thinks that he is the body with the Soul. Think, are you a Soul with the body or a body with the Soul?”

If I think that I am the body, I go through sufferings, if I think I am the Soul, I take different bodies to go through this journey till I merge with my Real Self. This journey towards our Real Self is Adhyaatmik Saadhana, which can be accomplished only under the able guidance of the Guru Parampara. We all are fortunate to be under Maa’s shelter.

Pranaams and Dhanyavaad,
Gayatri & Ramanan
Dubai (U.A.E)

(2) Guru Maa’s Blessings on Sree Guru Purnima

Hari Aum!

My Prostrations at the Holy Feet of Guru Maa!

As we, the nation along-with the entire world, continue to fight the challenges brought by COVID19, today, on the occasion of Sree Guru Purnima, we were truly blessed to hear Maa. Being connected through google meet, it was a great pleasure to be amidst over 80 of us from not only India, but also from overseas as well.

As we all were eagerly looking forward for Maa to bless us, there was Kalyug Maha-Mantra playing. This, Mantra sung by Maa, according to me, is one of the most mesmerizing, heart-touching Divine Mantra and gives me immense peace of mind and tranquility.

Manishji in his welcome address, informed us all that Sree Guru Purnima is the most auspicious day in our Hindu calendar.

Maa gave us an in-sight into the importance of this day and that of Sree Guru Parampara. In our mundane lives we tend to forget that our body is conditioned by attachments, and detaching from them should be a constant effort under the guidance of the Guru. That though we can enjoy the world of objects, but we must always remember that True Self Consciousness is the real enjoyment.

Guru Dev’s message, as read out by Maa, was very thought-provoking. According to me, the gist of the message was that True knowledge enables a man to realize that Soul is with the body, whereas in ignorance man feels that it is the body with the Soul, and also that it is the Soul which goes from one body to another in its journey.

Maa thereafter gave us the following three examples to contemplate upon:
1. Verse 4, Bhaj Govindam by Sree Adi Shankaracharyaji : Here we are made aware that we cannot afford to take life for granted. We must understand that the whole world remains prey to disease, pride and grief. So, our life is extremely un-predictable. At the level of the body there is always some kind of disease present. The body is never completely healthy, though it may be healthy for periods of time. Also, that at the level of the mind there is abhimaan or conceit.
2. Verse 15, Sree Hanuman Chalisa : As we learn that just as Yama, Kuber, Digpaals, Saints and Seers cannot but resist singing the glory of Hanumanji, similarly, we too must not forget to remember the Divine and the magnificent virtues of Hanumanji, to help us give strength to fight the obstacles of our lives, particularly in these present circumstances.
3. Ch-3/V-38, Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta. From this verse we learn that the attachment in our minds towards the ever changing worldly objects leads to affect our discriminating power. The three examples given by the Lord beautifully explains as to how wisdom is enveloped by desire and anger. The Satvik person to come out of this veil will need to understand and introspect the obstacles, the Rajasik person will be required to do more of Self effort, and the Tamasik person who is in constant darkness of ignorance and can drop these tendencies only after long period of evolutionary growth.
The message given by Maa today was like a tonic for me, especially in the present times. I pray for Maa’s continued guidance in my life.
Thank you Manishji for arranging this virtual meet on this auspicious occasion.
Forever at the Holy Feet of Maa and seeking for blessings always.

Hari Aum!

Ashish Wig
Faridabad (India)