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Hari Aum!

My humble Pranaams to HH Maa Purnananda ji and Prostrations at the Holy Feet of Sree Guru Parampara; the teachings of which are the most valuable gift that we and our coming generations can ever get.  Extremely thankful to SISS and particularly Manish ji for all the support and for being the medium, connecting us to SISS and making available all the learning materials, and also providing guidance and support to our Study Circles.  Our children are equally blessed to be nourished by Guru Maa's teachings, blessings and protection at this right age - something that I personally missed in my early life. As a Yuvasatya parent, today was a special day for me, receiving direct blessings from Guru Maa, along with all the other Balsatya and Yuvasatya children and parents.

Maa's message on the Sanskrit Subhashitam;

उद्यमेनहि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः।
  न हि सुप्तस्य सिंघस्य प्रविशन्ति मुखे मृगाः।।

and the couple of related stories narrated were eye openers with such simple but pertinent message, not only for the kids but very much also for us adults, who consider ourselves to be all knowing. We all may be lions in our own limited transactional field, but that does not guarantee us the happiness we are seeking. We take everything in life for granted, and wake up only when nature forces us to do so, with hard hitting situations like the current one.  Maa made us realize the need to put in right efforts in the right direction, by righteous means and the need to inculcate virtues, good habits, good character and a healthy body.  Most of the time despite putting in our best efforts, we  fail and suffer because of the misdirected efforts which is the result of our ignorance, and lack of communication and awareness. Maa so beautifully explained all these through stories, which children also could relate to. In this world of suffering, we need that light of Knowledge provided by the Guruparampara, to help us succeed.  Every time we listen to Guru Maa, She inspires us to think and act in the right direction and give us the strength to choose Shreyas over Preyas.

In this world of modernization, we are individually becoming like cocoons busy within our own limited world, being enslaved to electronic gadgets - be it TV, computer or phones, with hardly any effective interaction with family, friends and society in general. At Satyavrat Institute of Subjective Sciences, "Subject" is always the focus of study. Here too, focus was on the holistic well being of every individual.  Individuals with strong character and virtue would lead to better family structure, societies, nations, and so on. Resultantly a better world! Individuals are the building blocks. The onus was put on both the parents as well as the children to ensure that we hold on to our culture and values, with proper understanding and support to each other and communicate with respect and clarity.  Maa so compassionately answered questions raised by parents, ranging from the pandemic crisis,  spirituality, religion, to studies etc. She not only answered all the queries that we parents had but also to the quest of  the inquisitive younger minds.

Koti Koti Pranaams and Dhanyawad to HH Maa Purnananda ji!  Prostrating at Her Holy Feet, we seek blessings for all of us, and in particular for the children - the builders of tomorrow - for the strength to live up to the message of the day

लोकहितं मम करणीयम्

May this message be in our thought, speech, and action always and always.


Good intentions must be there behind every action

Humble Pranaam at Maaji’s Lotus Feet!

Thanks to Manish Ji for giving us the opportunity to listen to Maa.

Maa narrated two stories, to emphasize the importance of listening to instructions, co-ordination, co-operation to execute the work for the welfare of the society. We should be aware of the surroundings while we perform our actions. We should put our best possible efforts with righteous thoughts and have complete faith in God.

The first story Maa narrated was of a young Sree Krishna playing with the Gopas and Gopis. This story clears up the misunderstanding of surrender and asking God for help, that is, God will not help us if we do not put effort. He gives us the energy and the equipment required, but as long as we do not put in effort, nothing will work, as, even though the Gopas and Gopis asked God for help, they did not use their intellect, which was the blessing of Sree Krishna Himself to humankind.

The second story was about coordination and being attentive. It shows how, even with the best individuals, a team with no co-ordination can miserably fail.

Work is something inevitable in life, as when we see the absence of work in an organism, we declare that it is dead. So, it is very important to know how to work. If work defines life, the quality of work determines the quality of life. We understood that we are supposed to put complete thought into action, and determine the effects of the outcome as well before acting. There must always be good intention behind the act, and one must not expect the fruit of it.

Pranaam and Namaskaram at the Holy Feet of Sri Guru Parampara,

Ramanan & Suhrit,

Maaji has so beautifully narrated the stories of ‘Aghasura’ and ‘The King’s servants’. Through these, she has effectively conveyed such simple life lessons - the importance of self-effort and hard work to achieve goals, and also how important listening and co-operation was to work productively. 

It’s such an honor to receive the treasure of Maaji’s lessons. It’s like the Divine Lord Himself is conveying His Message to us confused souls, through her words. Feel Blessed!!!!


Hari Aum!

It was a wonderful divine Morning. Maa ji's short and sweet visit had a great impact on all of us by the lovely inspiring stories to all the children. Children as always were curious to know a lot of things. We Parents also learnt a few key aspects of good parenting. Above all on a Friday Morning, we were blessed to have our Guru Maa with us.

Warm regards

Jyothi & Shrihaan

Hari Aum!

We would like to share our thoughts on today’s session which was again one of the best days during this pandemic situations.

It was really wonderful and amazing to have special thoughts and inspiring words by MAAJI especially the two stories, which we are sure kids must have understand the depth meaning and also would have learnt the moral behind the story – The coordination & communication among selves.

Story of Lord Krishna and his friends gave clear understanding about how we all have to be in our day to day life, and we all have to focus on our work rather than depending on others.

It was a good learning for my child Ishit who understood about self-dependence, focusing on own work rather than getting distracted and also came across the meaning of being open hearted because when the learning comes from the Idol to whom we admire gives more impact and value.

Thanks & Regards
Jyoti & Ishit 

Hari Aum!

Pranaam at the lotus feet of Guru Maa.

Today’s session with the families of Yuva Satya and Bal Satya was another event where I come realize how Maaji helps us gain right perspective in life. In a short 30 minutes, Maaji was able to change our perspective and build better understanding on topics like dealing with the Pandemic, preparing to spiritually uplift ourselves always rather than waiting for a crisis to hit and then search for an oasis in the desert at the last minute, work ethics, parenting and most of all Communication.

Maaji started with a couplet which basically meant that only dreaming will not fetch you the objectives and action is very important. A lion will not get food unless he hunts. This shloka actually transported me back to Chapter 3 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta verse 22 where Lord Sree Krishna says -
3.22 There is nothing in the three worlds, O Arjuna, that should be done by Me, nor is there anything unattained that should be attained; yet I engage Myself in action. Just imagine if the lord does not do any action the chao’s that will be caused in the world! This is all the more important during this lockdown. Having the right attitude, doing our bit for the betterment of all and most of all being in action in whatever way to ensure we do not get redundant in any way.
It is indeed important to be good and have faith in the lord. But, it is also true that God only helps those who help themselves. As was evident in the first story where the friends became complacent and thought that Krishna will help them without them taking the requisite precautions to be away from Aghasura.

Communication is an important aspect. We need to communicate properly and unambiguously with a clear objective. In the second story the intent of both groups of people were right but due lack of clear communication the work was not achieved.
Here I also want to put out a funny but at the same time a serious thought on virtual communication. Computers are still subservient to us and when using the communication tools we need to understand that when many people speak at the same time these apps are unable to make sense out of it. These communication apps work on the principle of one presenter at a time. This is what we require in our physical life as well, to focus on the task at hand and not think too many things and lose focus.

We need to build our inner strength by following our scriptures and seeking guidance from our Sadgurus in order to be able to deal with difficult situations with the right attitude. Our Scriptures and Guru’s help us in sifting through what is real and unreal thereby providing us a foundation to better decisions and mental stability.
The session ended with a beautiful bhajan in Sanskrit “Lokahitam Mama Karniyam” which means our actions and duty is to think and do good to humanity always. There are many things to ponder on and write about, as each golden word needs contemplation and introspection. This is the impact of being in the company of Maaji.

Milind Kini

हरि ॐ
गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु: गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः।
गुरु साक्षात् परब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः||

Our Humble Prostrations at the lotus feet of Maaji,

We are indeed blessed to have Maaji as our Guru Maa and we are learning so much at her Holy Feet, it’s a divine feeling to be under her shelter. We must have done lot of Punyas in our previous lives and that’s the reason we are blessed to have HH Maa Purnanandaji as our Guru.

Our day begins with Maaji`s teachings by chanting Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi and ends with Kar Charan Kritam vak - Seeking for forgiveness for mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly from Sanskar Books which are for children to learn but we; parents are learning so much from them and the CDs provided there in are just so helpful in memorizing the chants and Bhajans.

Our Children have been going to BalSatya class ever since they remember and so it has become a part of our lives; but due to this Pandemic situation they feel the vacuum. We try to fill it by doing our daily Prayers with them but they really miss going for the class.

Few days ago, Bal Satya children and parents were given some Divine activities during the lockdown that has created a new bonding between us and the children as a family.  We started with teaching the children and ended up learning so much ourselves.  We have learned many new Stotras, Bhajans and stories, this age old treasure of our Bhartiya traditional Sanskar of the entire family praying and learning together had been lost by our generation but these activities in the lockdown helped us restore our lost wealth of family bonding and learning. We went through a Complete Divine Rejuvenating Experience! We are indebted to Maaji forever.

Children have wanted to listen to Maaji and meet her as they love her so much and when today they got a chance they were so excited to listen to Maaji. They were all ready with pencils and notebooks to take notes as we parents do. We are very thankful to Manish Ji for connecting all of us and keeping us engaged in such Divine activity.

In today’s session Maaji has not only given life lessons to the children but to us parents also. How should we conduct our life; How should we deal with situations; our Relationship with our Children; Importance of our Culture and Mother Tongue and Dev Bhaasha Sanskrit; respecting our Roots and our Values. Above all; Spirituality should be the very basis of our Life! What a Humbling experience!!!

Koti Koti Pranaams  Maaji.

Saurabh & Sunanda

Hari Aum!

The auspicious lovely Friday (10.07.2020) was filled with beautiful blessings and positive guidance from our Maa. It was a great opportunity to listen to Maa's Talk on Google Meet. We were very fortunate to get prompt parental guidance by Maa. We as human beings learnt how to keep our mental balance in the right way during this pandemic situation and we realised how to be careful in communication with the kids, especially creating trust and for kids also Maa guided them to trust and give respect to the parents.
The beautiful thought which I was inspired a lot from Maa's talk is:
Hardwork is the only way to achieve the goal. To keep dreaming is not going to help to attain the task...
Let us always remember,
Our duty is to do good to humanity. 

It was a wonderful experience for us. Our Gratitude and Pranaams.

Pratheeba Vinod


Hari Aum!

We are relatively new to this family but we don’t feel so. We feel as if we have known Maa ji since a very long time. It’s all thanks to the way she communicates with us and especially with the children. She is so aptly named “Maa ji” , she is a mother for all of us, correcting us and guiding us to the right path always. She has answers to all our doubts/questions. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

The live session today was such a beautiful experience. We felt as if Maa ji had come to our house to meet us. The story session was amazing and the morals conveyed by them to collaborate and work as a team, to be brave and hardworking are all qualities that will definitely help us become a better individual. The stories were encouraging, enlightening and full of compassion and kindness.

The question and answer session was also equally nice. And the couplet that Maa ji said about hard work was very inspiring. The meaning it conveyed was that, just because it’s a lion, food will not come to it. Even the lion has to work hard for its food. And Maa ji explained all this in such simple words which even the kids could understand. She also taught children that just thinking about our goals is not enough, we should also work hard to achieve it.

She explained so beautifully as to how we should deal with the current situation of so much uncertainty. She said that the knowledge of spirituality should be inculcated in children from young age so that they can be unaffected by difficult situations in life and maintain a balanced life.

In all, the session was full of positivity and we have a new vigour to face all situations in life. So glad that we had an opportunity to attend it. We are looking forward to attend many more such sessions.

Sowmya Madhusudan

Hari Aum!

I would like to thank the organizers for giving me an opportunity to be a part in Maa’s Talks and who took initiative and made it successful. It was a wonderful experience. It was not only helpful for kids; it was great to hear the stories even for us and will try to implement those positive points which Maa told us.

Shilpa Ramesh

Hari Aum!

During this pandemic time of external lockdown, we as Balsatya family were able to internally evolve a lot because of our association with Maa. We were fortunate to have an online interaction in which Maa was giving wonderful messages to children as well as to parents. She was addressing us with stories with carried the message that hard work achieves success and no animal can enter the sleeping lion’s mouth. Maa also answered the questions put forth by the parents which were much needed for this time. I would like to thank Manish ji for organising this wonderful session to listen to Maa.

Kirthika Karthikeyan

Hari Aum!

It was a nice interactive session.
Two take aways from the session are:

  1. Importance of hard work and right efforts in the right direction and its importance.
  2. Qualitative communication between parent and child and addressing the various pitfalls so that family can cohesively progress in the right way in all aspects of life.

Thank you Maa for your words of wisdom.


It was great talking to Maa today. Got some useful advice how to tackle difficult situations in life and how to prepare ourselves to handle such situations.
The two stories that Maa narrated was very useful and encouraging for us as well as for our children. We got a good opportunity to assemble together as a family and talk to Maa.
Thank you,  

Hari Aum!
Rajesh Jalan

Hari Aum!

I would like to appreciate people who organised this meeting with Maa. I humbly thank Maa for taking time, energy and imparting knowledge. It was a valuable time spent and informative. The stories shared and moral given was precious to kids who are in the way of learning good virtues. Thanks once again.