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Sree Ram Charita Manas
Aranya Kaand

Prema Pradeep
Dubai (UAE)

Our Humble prostrations to the Lotus feet of the Guru Parampara and Maa Purnanandaji.

It is always a pleasant and had “never before” feeling whenever we are with Maaji. Maaji has taken us through the Amrita Bindu Upanishad in the mornings and Sri Ram Charita Manas in the evenings. I feel so blessed to be able to attend all the evening discourses of Maaji this time. I would like to pen down a few highlights of the discourse, whatever I could comprehend.

The discourse was about the interesting aspect of how to connect to the God. Beautifully explained by Maaji, in laymen language, you need an adaptor to have the correct connection, same way, we need adaptor (Bhakti) to be able to connect to the Ultimate, and we need a Guru, to guide us through the scriptures, to be capable of becoming a devotee.

The discourse started with the scene in Aranya Kanda, where Lord Sri Ram is in the abode of Sabari Maata and she has gathered some fruits grown in the garden to offer to Lord Sri Ram. She offered them to the Lord after tasting them, if it was a good one or not. The detailed explanation on, is it right to taste the food before offering to GOD or the GURU was an eye opener. Maaji threw light on fact, our scriptures tells us not to taste before offering to GOD, which means the food has to be prepared with so much focus and discipline. Only a CALM MIND can be focused and disciplined, which can be attained only by saadhana. The Lord accepted it from Sabari Maata, without any hesitation, implying, that which is offered with true Bhakti and purity will be accepted by God. But at present, since the people are not elevated to the level of purity that Sabari Maata had inculcated, we are supposed to follow the scripture and not taste the food before offering God.

A very fundamental truth of Sanatana Dharma, spoken by Lord Sri Ram Himself, as a reply to Sabari Maata’s innocent question, that I am not from a higher caste , neither I am rich, nor do I know the right ways of extoling you, Oh Lord . “The only kinship I recognize is of Bhakthi and nothing else. I DO NOT DISCRIMINATE BY RICH / POOR / CASTE / CREED. THOSE WHO DISCRIMINATE ARE THE NON –BELIEVERS OF SANATANA DHARMA. A man without Bhakthi is like cloud without water.”

The 9 forms of Bhakti , explained by Maaji so much in detail that we would never forget them for ever. Shravanam, Keerthanam, Guru Pada Seva, Bhajan, Archana, Vandhanam, Sama Bhava, Sakhyam and Aathmanivedanam. After enlightening each and every types of Bhakthi, Lord Sri Ram says, if anyone has even one out of this 9 Bhakthi, he or she is extremely dear to me. It was evident that Sabari Mata was living example of all these 9 forms of Bhakthi.

Maaji made us realize the importance of scriptures, that there is not even a single moment in our life that is not mentioned in the scriptures. With the guidance and permission of the Guru, one should pick the scripture and choose examples from them and then follow them in our lives. As a seeker, one should not question the scriptiures or the Guru’s intention and follow them genuinely, having gained enough justifications and reasoning, which is true saadhana as depicted by Sabari Maata’s whole life.

Lord Sri Ram, comes to the abode of Sabari Maata, on his way in search of Sita Maata. But even in this circumstance, He lets Sabari Maata to express her affection and Bhakthi, imparts her with the knowledge of different forms of Bhakthi and then the Lord asks her about the whereabouts of Sita Maata.

Maaji exquisitely explained how to be humble and answer to the Guru’s question without the touch of ego, in the way Sabari Mata replied to the Lord and how she got liberated with the Lords blessings.

Maaji illuminated the significance of Sita Maata (pure Intellect) being with Lord Sri Ram (Ishwara), the circumstance and the emotions expressed by Lord Sri Ram, Maryadha purushottaman, when Sita Maata is not with Him, has to be dwelt upon by the seekers and the distinguishable meaning has to be understood.

Maaji enlightened all of us by giving the significance of the Golden deer (jumping, running) followed by a Boghi and the Golden disc (the true nature satva, covered by the disc) admired by a Yogi, the message that was concealed amidst herds of deer, elephants while Lord Sri Ram passes through the forest.

It was the last day of the discourse, towards the end of the Aranya Kanda, Narada muniji, appears and asks for a boon to make the word RAMA as the one single name, by uttering which one can exterminate all their sins and shine as the moon. Learnt about the qualities of saints by virtue. Saints are the true masters of 6 passions ( kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya) . From our own observation, of our behavior, we can identify our attachments or passion. Faith in God will make us come out this delusion. We need to be innocent to have that kind of faith and innocence comes with Purity.

We are ever obligated to Maaji, for enriching us with the awareness about the 9 forms of Bhakti through Sabari Maata and 6 passions which a true Saint has mastered upon. The essence of this great scripture, Sri Ram Charita Manas, by Sant Tulsidas, wouldn’t have been felt or realized without the great Guru Maaji’s enlightenments. Maaji demarcated, that we should be aware of our level of understanding the scriptures and connect to that level. A common man’s view point of a Bhajan and a Vedic view point of a Bhajan are so different and once having risen to the higher level, we should never reject the past. Spiritual path is all about transcending and not about climbing. Pranaams to the Lotus feet of Maa Purnanandaji.

Hari Aum.! Dhanyavad