Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

Being with myself

YEAR 2022

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Shower of Blessings

Sri. Pradeep Unni
Dubai (UAE)

Pranamam Maaji !

Vande Guru Parampara !

To us, there is probably nothing more to ask for. Maaji coming to our home, the morning lessons on Guru Stotram, the evening pravachan on Sree Ram Charitamanas, Guru Paad Puja led by Swastika & Saanvika, and the Gayatri Homam directed by Maa were so blissful and glorious that each moment felt so blessed. As an additional bonus, I had the opportunity to take the direct blessings of Maaji on my birthday and myself and Prema had the opportunity to offer our pranaamam to Maaji on our wedding day.

Hosting Maaji at our home was a blessing that we probably earned over many Purva Janmas as one’s lifetime of Karma is not sufficient to get the blessings of a Sadguru. Each moment of Maaji was a learning that ‘how close’ and still ‘how far’ away we are from the ultimate Truth. To be vigilant in all actions and to be perfect in all activities that we perform requires the guidance of a Sadguru.

From the day we got to know that Maaji has chosen to stay with us, we and ‘Our Home’ got into the preparation mode to receive Maa ji. Over the past 3 and half months there was no other thought or discussion other than receiving and serving Maaji. We only prayed that we do not commit any mistake due to our extreme ignorance in serving a SadGuru.

Each day we prayed to Guru Dev to give us the strength and knowledge to serve Guru Dev’s direct and most favorite disciple Maa Ji.

Maaji insistence on strict discipline and need for extreme commitment and dedication while reading, hearing or chanting Vedic verses was a lesson for life time. Understanding the scriptures and the rituals in true sense was taught by Maaji.

The process, the reason and the benefits of doing Sree Gayatri Homan was taught by Maaji and therefore the entire ritual was more meaningful and beneficial to each and every one present during the Gayatri Homam.

The enchanting verses of Sree Guru Stotram and the detailed explanation by Maaji for each verse made us realize that a complete surrender at the lotus feet of our revered Guru is the one and only way to attain the ultimate self. I am reminded to quote the verse from Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta (Chapter 2, Verse 7) where Arjuna falls to the feet of Bhagwaan Sri Krishna to request him to guide what is best for him.

पृच्छामि त्वां धर्मसम्मूढचेता: |
यच्छ्रेय: स्यान्निश्चितं ब्रूहि तन्मे
शिष्यस्तेऽहं शाधि मां त्वां प्रपन्नम् || 7||

On similar lines, I fall to our revered Guru Maa Purnananda Ji, to guide us to the path of Auspiciousness. Surprisingly as I was finding difficult to draft few lines on Maa, I read the following lines from Sreemad Bhaagwatam

तस्माद् गुरुं प्रपद्येत जिज्ञासु: श्रेय उत्तमम् ।
शाब्दे परे च निष्णातं ब्रह्मण्युपशमाश्रयम् ॥ २१

As per my limited understanding, this verse also mentions that a true seeker should surrender oneself to a Guru who has understood the conclusion of the Scriptures and is able to convince others of these conclusions. We are blessed to have a Guru who had taken complete shelter of God, leaving aside all material considerations. I bow to your lotus feet Maa ji !

Starting with Sree Guru Stotram, Maaji explained how a mere physical supremacy does not make someone a Guru. A Sadguru is one who can lead us to the True Self. Chanting the Guru Stotram requires a high level of dedication and commitment to invoke the Guru.

A Sadguru is one who is established in ‘Sat’ and a Sadguru will just be a Guru if we seekers are not capable. It’s our choice to hold on to the ignorance and be ‘childish’ even after being grown up. The Divine knowledge in our Scriptures are to be understood and lived by.

It is only through the path shown by a Sadguru that we can understand the creations in this world be it living or non-living. Sadguru alone can explain us the true essence of Vedas and Upanishads. Sadguru and Para Brahman are same. The form representing the Para Brahman can be different, but the Brahman is the same. The true Consciousness is ‘Bindu Naad Kala’ – Taintless, Eternal, All pervasive and Beyond manifestation.

The blessings of Guru Parampara and the flow of knowledge through the guidance of a Sadguru elevates us to the ultimate Truth.

Beyond discourses on Sree Guru Stotram, we had the blessed opportunity to discuss multiple aspects of our daily life, the mistakes that we do and the correct way to chant the Vedic verses and much more. We should be careful of even while phrasing the words while asking a query to a Sadguru. All queries should be phrased as “may I ask you a query?” rather than “can you explain us?”

We can probably go on and on explaining a lot about the learning and the experiences that we had during Maaji stay. We only pray for forgiveness if we had done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.

We can only wish that we get the blessing of hosting Maa ji many times in our life time.

Prananam to Maaji

Saanvika Pradeep, Swastika Pradeep, Prema Pradeep, Pradeep Unni