Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
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Humble Gratitude...

Smt. Gayatri & Sri Ramanan
Dubai (U.A.E)

Hari Aum

We thank Manish ji for this initiative, given to us on this Divine opportunity, to listen to Maa. We felt immensely blessed to have listened to Maa's golden words on Sree Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti. Maa advised us not to depend on virtual connectivity to connect to the Divine. Instead we can internalize and do our saadhana at home.  Maa's advice to utilize this golden opportunity to focus on the Divine and learn new stotras will be taken seriously by all of us. This will surely help us in understanding and elevating ourselves.



Sri Pradeep Unni
Dubai (U.A.E)

Pranamam Maaji!
Vande Guru Parampara !

Amidst this lockdown period, there wouldn’t have been much better delight than hearing the voice of our revered Guru H H Maa Purnananda Ji. There was sudden spurt of positive energy the moment Maa ji spoke the first word Hari Aum! Children doing their online class in the other room came out running as soon as they heard Maa ji. The enigmatic magnetic aura of Maa is so strong that distances actually do not matter.

Before briefly penning few of my understanding from Maaji’s short talk, I would like to thank Manish Ji for arranging an opportunity to hear Maaji on such an auspicious occasion. Thank you Manish ji for all the efforts you had taken to help us all stay in the spiritual path and not to divert an inch from the Lotus Feet of Maa ji.

Apr’28 2020 was Sree Adi Shankaracharya Ji Jayanti & Sree Gurudev Jayanti and Maaji began with the words that the dependence on objective forms should be broken by the seekers. The difference between Jayanti and birthday was also explained by Maa Ji. Birthdays are for finite souls who definitely have an end. Importance has to be given to the teachings by the revered Guru rather than their life history. Refraining oneself from overindulgence in materialistic possessions is key to have un-obstructed spiritual path with no ego and has to be subtle in every approach. The practice of our Vairagya (detachment) should not be on hopelessness and our daily Saadhana should emerge from the bottom of our heart. During these times of lock down Maaji instructed to read and memorize atleast one Stotram.

It is pivotal to follow one Guru Parampara to understand and imbibe the teachings of our revered Gurus. It’s very easy to shift the path of teaching from one Parampara to another, but such an act does not reach anywhere.

Maaji then read out the most apt Guru Dev’s message – “The Quieter the Mind, the Sharper the Intellect” During these times of extreme anxiety over everyone’s future path, no other message would have been more apt.

Hari Aum!

Smt. Shikha Tulshan
Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Pranaam GuruMaa!

The mounting dreariness of not being able to visit SISS for the long awaited summer camp this year had already put us in dejection!

But it seems, this wave sensed by Manishji, and out of his profound kindness, he again gave us what we were long yearning for! Harnessing technology and bringing it to right use is what we have always learnt from him. This time too, with everything at a standstill, the connection with the Divine was yet established with the right use of technology guided by him. We all are immensely grateful to Manishji for this.

From my home, and from all over the world, the Satyavrat family got connected with SISS through a zoom call on Sree Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti and Sree Gurudev Jayanti.

We felt ourselves infused with energy with Mataji's powerful message and Her benign blessings.

Learning, serving and uplifting to live the teachings of our glorious Gurus is the Divine purpose! We do get opportunities, and specially like this lock down one is surely to utilize it maximally to intensify studies, hoping the positive change out of it, is for good.

Gurumaa also said what better time is there than this to learn n memorize the life giving Stotras, which are so beautifully expounded by Her Holiness. (All available in USBs. Refer - multimedia).

Bringing our attention back to the 3 fundamental Principles from Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta namely "Sacrifice", "Charity" & "Austerity" Mataji emphasised never to refrain from these, if one is on the path of Spiritual pursuit.

It was Divinity in manifestation when Gurudev concluded the session with His message "Quieter the Mind, Sharper the Intellect".

Always with reverance to Gurumaa, my humble prostrations at the Holy Feet of Sree Guru Parampara and the Holy altar of SISS. I pray for my purification to be worthy of Their Service.

Once again pranaam to Manishji for guiding us on this path with his precious time.

Hari Aum!