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Balsatya & YuvaSatya (Dubai) September’20

Hari Aum,

Once again, I was left astounded by the extremely wise advice given to us by Maaji during today's talk on 'Destiny Beholder’. There were a lot of great takeaways from the talk in general but some really stood out to me.

I learned that there are two types of people in this world; the first being the people who face destiny and the second being the people who behold their destiny. I should conduct myself in a way that no hurt or sorrow is inflicted on anyone by my actions. Since I create my own destiny, I should behold my own destiny that I will have to face sooner or later. I also had a few doubts concerning Philosophy and Religion. I learnt that philosophy is the base for religion and although they are different, they are interdependent in the way that religion is easier to follow and understand with regards to philosophy. The drive behind religion is philosophy itself. I truly enjoyed the session as it was very informative. I look forward to attending more sessions just like this one.

Hari Aum,
Nidhi (Yuvasatya)

Hari Aum!

Pranaam to Maaji,

I was really fortunate to hear the powerful message from Maa ji. The main points I have learnt from the Talk are;

-How I face my destiny at present becomes my destiny in future.
-When I am able to behold my destiny through my intellect being united with the Divine, I get free from my desires. Then whatever I do becomes Auspicious which makes me free from attachment and sorrows
-Being united with the Supreme, I will be able to discriminate between right and wrong.

Siddharth (Yuvasatya)

Hari Aum!

Pranaam at the Holy Feet of the Guru!

After a long time, we had a talk session with Maaji. It was about the mechanism of karma and how we, as humans should deal with it. We were told how to deal with life and how to behave with our parents, which was a reminder at a time when we children could have lost our paths. We were told about how we can make or mar our future, and how we should behave. After that, there were some good questions on how to live and how to improve for which Maaji guided us, showing the road to perfection. I hope we get to have more sessions like this with Maaji.


Suhrit (Yuvasatya)

Hari Aum,

Our humble pranaam at the Holy feet of Maa ji.

Last Friday, we had the privilege of listening to Maa ji speak on the topic of Destiny and how it can be shaped by the actions we do today. The message we got from the talk was the importance of working hard while keeping ourself and the people around us happy. The talk has inspired me to work on being more focused and motivated towards my goals. It is that, that one who doesn’t work hard cannot expect a superior destiny. We are all responsible for our own destiny, which is why we must behold our self molded destiny.

Ayush Poduval (Yuvasatya)

The Destiny Beholder

  • Some people face destiny and some people behold destiny.

  • “Aum, Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Niraamayaah Sarve Bhadraani Pashyantu Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet Aum Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih” Translation: May all be happy, may all be free from illness, may no one face misfortune, may no one suffer. We must work in such a way that we and no one around us gets sorrow.

  • Three Types of Karma- (1) Sanchita- What we have collected from past life. (2) Praarabdha- Is a part of Sanchita for the current lifetime. (3) Agami- Karma of current life which adds on to sanchita. Karma of parents plays a role in the destiny of the children.

 Naman Upadhyay (Yuvasatya)

Last Friday, we once again were blessed to have a wonderful session with Maaji. This time covering the topic of destiny, she enlightened us about how our actions of today shape our destiny for the future. During this unfortunate time, I find these sessions very important as they help us redirect ourselves and remind us of our purpose. They help us stay in touch with our scriptural studies and learn how we can implement them in our everyday life, given any circumstances.

The key lesson of value I took from this talk was the importance of self-awareness; of contemplation and self-reflection. Our destiny is what we make it to be. We need to work hard and put in our efforts to reach our goals, without which, we cannot expect to enjoy the desired results. Regular self-check and personal criticism brings disciple and commitment that helps progress in life. We are responsible for our own actions, making the results possible and thus, write our future. We are the beholders of our own destiny.

Arya Poduval (Yuvasatya)


Maajis talk was on the topic of "The Destiny Beholder". This is what really intrigued me. I learned that there are 2 types of people: people who face destiny and people who behold their destiny. Knowing that, we, as people, should conduct ourselves in a way that we do not inflict pain and sorrow on other people, by our actions. Destiny and karma mean the same, so even though my present destiny has been determined by my past karma, I have the power to change my present actions and therefore change my destiny. Besides that, I also had a doubt. I asked Maaji, "What is the difference between opinion and intellect?" I had the honour of Maaji answering my question. She said that, opinion comes from the mind because it is based on our emotions and it keeps changing depending on likes and dislikes. On the other hand, intellect is developed from reading the scriptures. We know, we have made an intellectual decision if our actions are dharmic.  I feel blessed by this talk from Maaji as it was quite informative and interesting. I look forward to her next talk.

Mihika Gautam (Yuvasatya)

Hari Aum!
Our humble pranaam at the Holy feet of Maa!

I was looking forward for today since we were all going to hear our Guru Maaji. Today’s topic on Destiny Beholder was very useful to me. Success is within me and I need to plan myself to be happy and successful is what I understood from today’s talk. Love yourself and show attention to what you do to be successful. Hereafter, I will try to focus on my work and pay more attention. I will learn from my mistakes and never make the same mistakes again. This talk was very useful to me as a Balsatya child in grooming myself as well as to my parents in guiding me in the righteous path. Thank you Manish ji, Sudheer ji and Ramnath ji for organising such talks with Maaji.

Lacksana Karthikeyan (Balsatya)

Hari Aum!

Last Friday, we had an excellent session with Maa Purnananda Ji. I loved it the most as it was very interactive. We had lot of interesting questions raised by the students. All our questions were very nicely answered by Maa. Overall, I learnt a lot from the session.

Thank you,

Hari Aum,
Bhavya Jalan (Balsatya)

Every individual has 2 options- Face Destiny or Behold destiny When we behold destiny, we are able to assess what we are doing in present because what we do in present would be our destiny for future. Hence, we need to be aware that whatever we do, we do it for benefit of the society. We need to be careful that others don’t suffer because of our actions.

Our destiny is the result of our own past deeds. Deeds (karma) are of 3 types:
i) Sanchit - Karma those that are already accumulated
ii) Prarabdh - what we face in life due to our sanchit karma
iii) Aagami Karma- Actions being performed with sense of doer ship

Further, a child's destiny to a very good extent is influenced by their parents. Hence it also becomes the duty of parents to create a conducive environment for their children. They can do so by reading the scriptures and start living it day by day, week by week. In this way, they will be able to entertain higher thoughts in themselves.

  Mitesh Dani (Parent)

Hari Aum,

Today we were blessed to hear Maaji’s talk on “The Destiny Beholder”. She expounded the timeless mantra “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha”. She explained how the efforts that we make today in the present (Agami) will accumulate our Sanchita and create the glorious destiny of the future (Praarabdha) that we ask for in this mantra. The attention and work put in by parents today to develop spiritual strength of the family, will be the foundation of tomorrow’s opulent destiny of the children that will nurture and support them on their path to progress. Through her encouraging words, Maaji has made it easy for us adults to be able to work on uplifting ourselves and everyone else around us for a happier society of tomorrow. We pray to the Sadgurus to bless us with Maaji’s guidance forever.

Hari Aum. 

Kalpana (Parent)

Hari Aum !

It was a wonderful divine morning. Maa ji's short talk had a positive impact on all of us. Children as always had their queries answered in a simple way.  

We have learnt the following from the Maaji's morning session: As a parent we are responsible for upbringing and guiding our children in the right path. As it is said in Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, though there is a destiny,  we should do our karma as well. By the Grace of God and with Maa ji’s blessings, Shrihaan is attending Bal Satya classes. As parents, we will also try our best to make him learn our rituals & culture.

Hari Aum and Pranaam to Maa!

Jothi &

Hari Aum!

The Auspicious Friday started with Maa's insightful talk on Destiny Beholder. It was really an eye opener. It completely gave a different view than what we were thinking as Destiny. The way Maaji illustrated about the concluding prayer "Shanti Mantra" added more clarity on the Topic. The take away from the today's talk is the systematic way of involving through spiritual activities as well as regular practice of spiritual study course. Not only reading is enough but we should apply that in our daily activities. This was the lesson for us to inculcate in our life for giving the right path to our children's destiny. Certainly, we will be working on it.

One more thing I would like to express, since we are living far from our elders who are in India, and our children (Keshav Kashyap) are not in much connect with their grandma,  grandpa who can always gives good values to grandchildren,  however I am much happy and satisfied that still kids are performing spiritual activities through Bal Satya under Maa's guidance, and great support of Manishji, Ramnathji and Gomathiji.

Our Sincere Pranaam, 
Vinodkumar Devaraj
Pratheeba Vinodkumar
Keshav & Kashyap.

Hari Aum!

It was very informative. Me and my daughter really enjoyed the session. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of Maa’s Talk. Q and A with students, and the way Maa explained to students was really good.


Shilpa (Parent)

Hari Aum,

Today's talk with Maa ji was so intriguing. The topic "The destiny beholder" was so apt for the current situation, with so much uncertainty around us. She spoke about 2 types of people - some who face and the other section who behold destiny. She also chanted the mantra for world happiness. She also made us understand about how we should work hard for our destiny but at the same time make sure that we make other people around us also happy. She also explained about 3 types of Karma which was so enriching. She also gave us so many parental tips which will definitely help us in becoming better parents.

Maa ji, your talks are always not just informative but also so inspiring.
Thank you so much for guiding us always and for helping us mould our destiny.

Sowmya Madhusudan (Parent)