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Jai Hind! Vande Mataram! Vande Guru Paramparam!

Pranaam to Maa!

What an auspicious beginning to mark Modern Bharat's 74th year of independence from the British rule! There were two key aspects that Maa spoke about. One was on the concept of freedom itself and the other on the significance of our Indian National Flag.

I would like to share my understanding of the key takeaways from the former, as I understood it.

As Maa stated, freedom is indeed instinctive to the nature of all beings, and man is no exception. Our true nature is freedom, as essentially, we are all-pervasive, infinite and free from all shackles. Hence, we 'want' freedom, we want liberation from 'the world', but often don't realize that it is not something out there in the world as we perceive it. What binds us as a shackle is our own mind, with which we see the world.

To hit the nail on its head, Maa referred to Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda ji's powerful quote, "Not doing what you feel like doing is freedom.". We are all inflicted by our own unending desires, which is nothing but a product of our mind. We are enslaved by our mind, which in turn makes us perform actions. Avidya at the causal level gives rise to desires at the mental level, which in turn makes us perform ego-prompted actions at the body-level, depending on the four parameters of Desh (Place), Kaal (Time), Vastu (Object) and Paristhithi (circumstance).

If an individual wants to end this slavery to his mind and become truly free, there's only one solution prescribed by the scriptures: Be a Servant of the Lord, in pursuit of Purushaarth. Since the Supreme Lord is above the four parameters, being His servant will help us gain this freedom we are longing for.

The key is to work without any attachment. Vasanas are but a result of our unconscious activities. So, when we perform our actions in a detached manner, without likes and dislikes, and with full awareness and consciousness, we have detached ourselves from Vasanas and the very action becomes a means to align itself to the Higher, which in turn will lead us to freedom.

Attitude is the Key!
As Bhagawan says in Chapter 3, Verse 9, every action does not bring bondage to the doer. Only unintelligent actions that are not done with the spirit of Sacrifice/ Yagna, which are motivated by ego-centric desires give rise to bondage. When we perform selfless actions, with the attitude and spirit of dedication to the Higher, it becomes a Yagna.

यज्ञार्थात्कर्मणोऽन्यत्र लोकोऽयं कर्मबन्धनः।
तदर्थं कर्म कौन्तेय मुक्तसङ्गः समाचर॥ ९॥

yajñārthātkarmaṇo’nyatra loko’yaṁ karmabandhanaḥ |
tadarthaṁ karma kaunteya muktasaṅgaḥ samācara || 9 ||

Maa underlined the application of the above to every Grihasta and reiterated that our Shastras only guide us on the practical applications. She beautifully illustrated with examples how - doing our duties efficiently as a seva/ service to the Lord with no attachments whatsoever to the fruits of action - can be practiced by one and all, be it at home or at the work front.

May we all be free! Let’s remember that freedom is not in anyone’s control but ours

Dhanyavaad and Pranaam!
Ganesh Neelakantan

Hari Aum and Pranaam,

Dhanyavaad to Manish ji for organising this Talk by Her Holiness Maa Purnananda Ji. On the special occasion of the 74th Independence Day, it was truly delightful to listen to Maa’s special message. Maa’s messages cleared many of our doubts about the word “Freedom” and our conditioned mind. Maa explained that doing what we like to do is Not Freedom, but Not doing what we like to do is Freedom, while quoting Gurudev’s message. The play of our mind has to be controlled by the intellect.

Maa spoke about the four aspects that condition our life: Time, Space, Objects and Circumstances. One cannot perform a single Task independent of these four main aspects. So, within the limits of these four, we have to follow the scriptural injunctions given by our Gurus. Our Janma bhoomi, Bharat Mata has given us Sanskar and the proper way of Life, which we respect and will follow irrespective of whichever corner of the world we live in.

Maa then explained the significance of the Tricolor: Saffron representing “Sacrifice”, we should perform all our actions with the attitude of Sacrifice and an offering to the Lord, referred to as “Nishkaamya Dharmanushtanam”, that is performing Dharma without expecting the fruits of our actions. Green represents Prosperity. We should go along with Nature and not do anything to go against it. This will give Peace of mind represented by White in the middle.

Ashoka Chakra in the middle represents conquering Sorrow ‘A-Shoka’, which happens naturally, when we perform our duties, i.e. do Purushaarth, with the right attitude, which ultimately enables us to come out of the chakra of birth and death - transmigration.

Maa also sang a beautiful patriotic song “Sadaram Samihataam”, which glorifies the significance of our Matru bhoomi, our janma bhoomi, who has given us the strength and joy and always protects us. It reminded me of Chapter 15 of Sreemad Bhagawad Gita where Bhagawan says that He is the source of nourishment in all beings. Come what may, we will take pride in praying and singing the glory of Bharat Mata.

Mind is a powerful tool which uses the organs of perception to satiate its desires. We have to be very alert and agile to keep a constant check on our thoughts, words and deeds, follow the scriptures so as to evolve continuously and make this human life (which is so rare) a meaningful one.

Pranaam and Dhanyavad,
Gayatri Ramanan
Dubai Dubai

Hari Aum!

My humble pranaam to Maa,  Guruparampara and Bharat Mata! 

Dhanyavaad Manish ji for making all of us from different parts of the world, an Integrated SISS family to listen to Maa on Bharat's Swantantrata Divas.
Maaji's enlightening talk on the "Kingdom of Freedom " was very soothing and inspiring to our ears, minds and hearts.  
Maaji is like the pure intellect, directing and guiding our minds (Satvik by nature) and sense organs on the path of Dharma laid down by our Scriptures to get freedom from the bondage of worldly desires and attain peace within through right knowledge.

The guidance that I always seek, was explained so beautifully by Maa.

Divine oriented action or dedicated actions, as a servant of God, to Purusha (Paramatma or Brahman) called Purushaarth liberates us from bondage. 
But slavery to the mind leads us to enjoy the fruits of karma and be dependent on desh, kaal, vastu and paristhiti (place, time, objects and circumstances) 
Each action should be dedicated to God.

Our National Flag (Tiranga) has

  • a) Saffron indicating service to the total manifestation (Ishwara) which is the expression of God.
  • b) Green indicates support from Mother Nature which will lead to our evolution, growth and prosperity. I should never exploit Mother Nature.
  • c) White indicates Peace (Shanti), which can be attained by working harmoniously with Mother nature, a service to God. Freedom cannot be given; it has to be earned. 
  • d) The Blue Ashoka Chakra indicates transcending the cycle of sorrows.

Maa also dedicated a patriotic song to Bharat Maa " सादरं समीहतां वन्दना विधीयतां श्रद्धया स्वमातृभू-समर्चना विधीयताम् ॥"

Maa's Call on 15th August is indeed a wakeup call to us to realise our Independent Satchidananda Swaroop. 

Vande Mataram!
Uma Maheshwari