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Hari Aum!

My humble pranaams to Maa ji,

Listening to Maa ji is always a very enjoyable experience because she tells a lot of interesting stories that teach us moral values and helps us uplift ourselves to do better in life.

Today’s message of “You will not achieve anything unless you work hard for it“ was an important lesson to learn. As Maaji said, a prey does not come to the sleeping lion, it must hunt its food. Likewise, we as students need to work hard, commit ourselves and be dedicated in whatever we do.

Be it completing our notes, learning a new lesson, or completing any activity we need to be focused on our work and be committed till we achieve our objective.

We should always work to do good things and with good intention.

Also, I liked the way that maa ji had integrated in her speech that kids and their parents should have clear connection in communication while sharing ideas and learning new things.


Hari Aum!

Pranaam Maaji,

It was really a Divine Experience to have a web call with you and all our Bal Satya Family. I learned a lot of good things and the values. You told stories and told us their meanings. I learned that we should be intelligent and think before we take action. We should face any situation in righteous way.

We should never take advantage of anyone but help people. We should always respect our elders and be happy and kind. You have also cleared my doubts and the question. My question was, “Will people take advantage of our righteousness”? Your answer was really inspiring that “We should not bother about people and come what may we should be on righteous path always”.
We love you Maaji and every Thursday when we do Guru Paduka Puja I feel that we are worshipping your holy Feet.

Humble Pranaam,
Riddhima Mahajan

Hari Aum Maaji,

Humble pranams at your holy feet.

It was a very wonderful and divine experience to listen to Maaji after a long time.  I was indeed very happy to hear Maaji’s voice.

Maaji explained a story on Lord Sree Krishna from the Sreemad Bhaagvatam. The story of Lord Krishna and his friends, how the asura Python – Aghasura was controlled and killed when his friends were stuck inside the body of the python. Maaji beautifully explained how we should always not lose hope in God and always trust him. At the same time, not take his blessings, support and guidance for granted.  Below are some of the points I could understand from Maaji’s talk.

  • We should always be intelligent and righteous
  •  If we do not work hard then even God will not help us! We must not lose faith in God and we must also build strength in ourselves
  • We must open our hearts by being compassionate, loving and caring to others.
  • When we work, we must work hard and also be cooperative with our other workers and communicate with them too.
  • If we put effort in our work then only we can achieve in life.
  • Spirituality must be the main basis on which our life should be, and then comes the rest.

I would like to thank Manish uncle, Ramnath uncle and Sudheer uncle for organizing this session with Maaji.

Thank you and Pranaam,
Your disciple
Swastika Pradeep

Hari Aum!

My humble pranaams to Maa ji,

Today 10th of July 2020, we all were blessed to be part of divine conversation with H.H Maa Ji.
My understanding from today's Maa ji talk is,

  1. We must work hard when we need to achieve anything. Just by dreaming one cannot achieve even a smallest goal.
  2. From the first story I could understand that, if we don't work in the right manner. Even God won't save us.
  3. We must not be lazy or indifferent, work hard with proper coordination, righteousness and listen and act with consciousness.

Sruthi Natesan