Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
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Hari Aum!

It was indeed an enlightening 6 days of blissful experience. Never did i imagine to be able to learn Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta so simply and explicitly. Not only did i get to read but i also got the opportunity to try to understand the text with Maaji's teachings. During my younger days i had not got much opportunity to listen to Vedantic discourses nor did i get to read any text or commentary. My very first study was with Maa on the Bhagawad Geeta. How wonderful is that!

Mere reading the text, understanding it intellectually and listening to discourses innumerable times is not sufficient to strive for liberation. Even to be guided in this path and be on the path we need the Grace of our Guru. This we learnt during the session. Maa in her immense compassion has guided us through the text and now we, as individuals have to progress in the path in accordance with the stipulations given in the Scriptures and so profoundly imparted to us by Maa.

The support given by Manishji is immeasurable. Special thanks to him for making our stay and study move smoothly during the retreat.