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Shower of Grace and Blessings on Sree Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti

Ramnath Venkatraman
Dubai (U.A.E)

Pranaams to H H Maa Purnananda ji‼
Hari Aum to everyone‼

Our heartfelt pranaams at the Lotus Feet of the sacred Guru Parampara on this most auspicious Jayanti of Lord Shiva's Avataar, Sree Adi Shankaracharya and a most Divine Sangam of our beloved Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji's Janma Vaishakh Shashti Tithi also today - 28th April 2020!

Our hearts  were yearning to be at SISS for the Spiritual Retreat, however, Mother Nature has  made us go ‘inward physically, emotionally and spiritually’ since last month! 

Yet, we wanted to be connected to our loving Sadguru, Her Holiness Maa Purnanandaji today and who else but the One and Only magnanimous Manish ji made it happen by Guru's Grace.

The Study Circle devotees in Dubai and India ""zoomed in" before 11 am with devotional anticipation - Manishji's deep welcoming address heralded the arrival of Maa to bless us all.

Every word from Maa is so potent, powerful and packed with learning - She gave Her Blessings from the sacred Guru Parampara, starting with the enigmatic and uplifting chanting of Aum, and the holy invocation in praise of  Sree Adi Shankaracharya and Gurudev.  She thanked God and Manishji for making this divine communication possible, while driving home the subtlest truth that we should not be conditioned by Desh, Kaal, Paristithi and not be dependent on virtual objects to be connected , as we can elevate ourselves to imagine the vision of the entire Sadashiva Samarambha Guru Parampara!

Maa made us contemplate on the significance of "Jayanti" as we get trapped in material pursuits and encounter obstacles on the way, and pray only to tide over such difficulties. Jayantis and Holy festivals are indeed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly divine reminders - not to deviate from the sacred and  not to get lost in worldliness .

We mortals celebrate "Birthdays" but the Jivanmuktas - Rishis and Mahatmas, are immortal and hence their advent is truly Janma Jayanti !

They have lit our paths so brilliantly and we must strive to get liberated in this precious human birth - our spiritual efforts can hardly be termed as saadhna, as we have a long way to develop dispassion towards the unreal world.

Sree Adi Shankaracharya and Gurudev's Jayanti are holy occasions for us to bow down humbly at their Holy Feet and seek their protection and blessings.

Maa exhorted us to revere the Great Guru Parampara as their teachings are eternally relevant, and to read the scriptures sincerely.

Maa chanted the sublime lines from Thotakashtakam, where Sree Thotakacharya, says "Hridaye Kalaye Vimalam Charanam, Bhava Shankara Deshika Me Sharanam"- we must also place the Lotus Feet of Sree Adi Shankara in our Spiritual Hearts and begin our spiritual learning, studying and practicing the knowledge constantly.

Each Study Circle devotee is expected to memorize at least one stotram. 

Personally, I find it extremely helpful as it helps me concentrate and contemplate on the stotram and invoke the virtues and glories of the Deity, without having to depend on a book .

Maa then read out Gurudev's Message for the day "The quieter the mind, the sharper the intellect"- we all need to contemplate and evolve, as this is like a silver lining among the clouds of agitation. 

Finally, Maa released a USB in Her inimitable manner by chanting a verse in a unique tune and kept us wondering what it could be!

na tyājyaḿ kāryam eva tat
yajño dānaḿ tapaś caiva
pāvanāni manīṣiṇām

This is the 5th verse from Chapter 18 Moksh Sannyasa Yog of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta!

Maa concluded with the peaceful Shanti Mantra which helped quieten our minds to soak in and reflect on the spiritual significance of Sree Adi Shankara and Pujya Gurudev Jayanti .

We once again offer our sincere namaskarams at the Holy Feet of Sree Adi Shankaracharya , Gurudev and Maa on this sacred occasion and offer our gratitude for Her benign blessings - we need to be truly deserving  to receive the Grace of the Guru Parampara! We felt transported to SISS - Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple, Sadguru Sharanam and could see Tapovan Maharaj, Gurudev, Maa Saraswati and Sree Adi Shankarcharya and the entire Divinity there in our hearts.

We are truly grateful to you, Manishji for making this auspicious day so divinely memorable and enlightening for us, by making us listen to your voice and hear our Mother! We cannot wait to come to SISS for Sree Guru Purnima and pray that the Lord answers this prayer!

Pranaams to Maa and love to all Satyavratis 

Hari Aum