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Why Not Perform A “Teerth”?

H H Maa Purnananda

“Avibhaktam Cha Bhooteshu Vibhaktamiva Cha Sthitam; Bhootbhartri Cha Tajgnyeyam Grasishnu Prabhavishnu Cha.” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 13/16)

Shall I tell you something that is already known to you? Yes, I shall! All I want to tell you is that Brahman, the Supreme, is All-pervading. But then, why is it that the Saints and Sages always have expounded upon the Supreme as that which one has to seek within?

This type of contradiction remains as a confusion in a common man’s mind. Man is found to be so confused regarding the whole concept of God and God-related activities that therefore he tries to avoid anything and everything to do with God.

And yet, whenever man faces any kind of sorrow or crises, again he resorts to God! Sometimes man is found to be confused to the extent that he literally wants a tangent proof of God’s existence! So, on one hand, everyone says that the Supreme is All-pervading, and that God is the Supreme; on the other hand, the common man wants to see and experience God as any other object of perception.

Understanding well, this endless plight of human beings, our great ancient Rishi-s gave names and forms to the different aspects of the All-pervading Supreme and called them as Gods and Goddesses, all for the benefit of the faithful mankind. In other words, the unperceivable One and Only, Intangible, All-pervading Supreme Reality alone is perceived as the multiple tangible forms, for the purpose of worship, as various Gods and Goddesses in Hindu Pantheon.

As an ardent devotee of a given God or Goddess, man is supposed to educate, improve and evolve in a lifetime. His devotion to the chosen Form of God has to lead him to deeper and more intense Spiritual practices and these practices should ultimately lead him to realize the All-pervasive, Formless Supreme Reality.

This is what is to be derived from the Shlok given above. Though the Supreme is All-pervading and hence undivided (Avibhaktam), It appears as though divided as multiple forms. And, as long as the seeker remains deluded by his own ignorance born due to non-apprehension of the Singular, All-pervasive Reality, for his own benefit, he would have to worship the same as the very Supporter (Bhootbhartri – Vishnu), the very Devourer (Grasishnu – Maheshwar) and the very Generator (Prabhavishnu – Brahma) of the Creation

The word “Teerth” indicates “elevating by way of being with the Supreme”. Since it is difficult for a common man to elevate himself by way of being with the All-pervading Supreme, although It being always present in every way; hence, the Saints have introduced the tradition of going for a “Teerth”, which means that the devotees, for the purpose of “elevating themselves by way of being with the Supreme” who is worshipped as a particular form of God or Goddess in a particular temple, would visit the temple.

Most of the ancient temples in our country are either situated on the great mountain-heights, or, are spread over acres of land. In both ways, the devotees have to climb and walk for long hours before getting the glimpses of the Lord of their heart. That gives a good long time to get sufficiently disconnected from the worldly attachments and aversions and to be with God. One can really elevate oneself more easily than one can do so at home or in any worldly environment. But of course, much sincere and focused effort is required on the part of the individual. Else, it is very easy to contaminate even the serene environment of such wonderful Abodes of Gods and Goddesses, by bringing in the worldly thoughts, words and deeds of the “so-called” devotees!

Recently I happened to go for a “Teerth” some of the most beautiful, serene and ancient temples situated in the southern part of our country. It was truly elevating! The breath-taking beauty of the Gods and Goddesses, the clean, serene and enchanting surroundings of the sprawling temple-campuses and not to forget about the devout and learned Priests at the Holy-feet of every Deity; what more would one need as a support for self-elevation?

Apart from coming for a “Teerth” to the majestic and beautiful Darshan of Sree Ishwara - the Trinity (Sree Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwar) in the midst of the calm, serene and lush environment here at SISS, if a seeker wants to go for any “Teerth”, then he should surely go to the ancient temples situated on the upper banks of Mother Ganga, flowing gracefully from the great heights of the mighty Himalayas, or, go to any of the ancient temples in the southern parts of our country.

Next time whenever you, the seeker, are planning a holiday with family and friends, rather make it Holy by performing a “Teerth”.