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‘The Boat’ That Can Take Me Across ‘The Ocean’

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

“Tadviddhi Pranipaatena Pariprashnena Sewaya; Upadekshyanti Tey Gnyaanam Gynaaninastattwadarshinah.”(Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta 4/34)

“Know That by prostrating at the Holy-Feet, by enquiring and by serving the Wise Men-of-Realization, who would instruct you about That Knowledge.”

On 19th& 20th of April this year, we would offer our gratitude to Adi Guru Sree Shankara Bhagawadpadacharya & Gurudev Sree Swami Chinmayananda respectively; the two great Masters, the Wise Men-of-Realization, on Their Jayanti. One has to be extremely fortunate to be blessed by a Sadguru of Their stature indeed! The Sadguru blesses by instructing the deserving disciple on the Path of pursuing the Knowledge of the Supreme Self.

Asks a Rishi in utter amusement – “We suffer silently wounds inflicted by weapons, suffer the pains of diseases, yet to suffer the thought ‘I am not the ego’, why such a dread? Is it so tiring & terrible, terrifying & trying?”(Yog Vaasishtha).- excerpt from Gurudev’s commentary on Ashtavakra Geeta.

Is it not true? What is stated above is the fact applicable to most of us. The observations of the human behaviour by the Rishi's are so perfect that it is difficult, nay impossible, to refute them even after eons! Man is basically afraid of the unknown and the plight is that since it is anyways not possible to ‘know’ the Supreme Reality, therefore no one dares to tread the path of the ‘Unknowable’! The Existence which is beyond or other than his ‘I-ness’ is incomprehensible to him! Therefore, he is too afraid to drop this ‘I’. He is afraid even to think about the ‘Unthinkable’ Reality about which the Rishi's have spoken.

And yet, whenever man finds himself to be in crises or in a situation which he fails to handle, he is found to fall back on that ‘Unknown’ and ‘Unthinkable’ only!There would be almost none who would not have to go through some trouble or sufferings in life. Life is troublesome and the Wise men say that “Sansaar is Dukkha Yoni” - “the world is womb of sorrow”. Then why be afraid of the unavoidable?

Rationalizing thus, the reason to seek the Supreme, a person gets convinced and decides to go ahead to tread the secretive Sacred Path.

Here comes up the first question – how to begin? Fortunate are those in whose homes there has been a tradition of daily worship and to welcome and serve the Saints, Sannyaasin's, Sadguru's and so on.

Some are even more fortunate to have a Kulaguru Parampara. Some have been blessed to be initiated by a Guru. So for all such people, it is not very difficult to begin their sacred journey; the only impediment being their own inner fear or reluctance.

It takes time, energy, efficiency, determination and focus to gain any sort of knowledge. Added to all that, on this path, the disciple or student will require tremendous inner strength, faith, humility, dedication and devotion, to name a few.So to begin with, the person will have to assess and decide – “Do I have the intent, ability and interest to develop all the above basic qualities that are prerequisites on this path?”“O’yes.”- the person decides.

Next, like for any other knowledge, he starts looking for a place or a person (could be web-search!) for guidance. In any case, there has to be human intervention in providing any information or guidance. In case of the Sacred Knowledge, the authenticity and assurance are far more important than in case of any other objective knowledge, because, here the person has to deal with the self, apply it to himself, practice himself and experiment upon himself! Moreover, this Knowledge being at a very subtle level, it is difficult to cross-check with others around. The initial change in the practitioner’s perceptions, feelings and understanding, followed by even little transformation and subsequent elevation are all too slow and almost incomprehensible. Hence, most of the people drop the idea of pursuing Self-knowledge, perhaps due to fear of losing one’s own identity, status in the society or material happiness!

Therefore, it is essential to be guided by a Sadguru on this path so that one may rule out the negative possibilities and proceed fearlessly due to faith in the Guru.Here is where the given Shlok of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta has to be applied; how to approach and seek the guidance from a Sadguru to be blessed with the Sacred Knowledge of the Self!

Let us pray at the Holy-feet of Jagadguru Sree Adi Shankaracharya and Sadgurudev Sree Swami Chinmayananda to bless us to be worthy of Their grace and guidance on the Sacred Path.