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One More Year Gone Past!

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Dinyaaminyau Saayam Praatah Shishiravasantau Punaraayaatah; Kaalah Kreedati Gachchhattyaayuh Tadapi Na Munchatyaashaavaayuh.” – (Bhaja Govindam)

…………Time plays and life ebbs away, but the storm of desires never leaves! In the year 2020 people worldwide saw the play of time and millions of lives ebbing away! The seen across the globe was so grim that it seemed as though the whole world is drowning deep in the fierce ocean of fear, sorrow, disease and darkness.

So how long would people suppress their wants and desires that motivate them to remain busy throughout life? People would soon regain their previous state of mind that runs after satiating desires by all means. Happiness is the core of beings so they strive to relieve themselves from any such situation that gives them sorrow or pain. They suffer grief and trouble too for a short while only, even at the parting away or passing away of near and dear ones. Soon their desire to live and enjoy takes over their sufferings and pulls them out of the deepest sorrow.

This is what the given ‘shlok’ indicates. Sree Adi Shankaracharya and His worthy disciples sing away the facts of human life! The seeker on the path of liberation must remember that the bondage of desires would never leave them even at the ripe old age. So it would be advisable to pay attention to the Words-of-Wisdom and remain alert enough to refrain from entertaining the incessant flow of desire-motivated thoughts in life.

The Shaastra-s indicate that to maintain mental equanimity under the conducive as well as contrary circumstances, one has to grow out of the web of desires. A stable and calm mind, free from selfish desires is supportive to the intellect. When the calm mind and steady intellect work in unison, it brings out the best thoughts, words and deeds. The inner integration in an individual leads him to having a superior physical, mental and intellectual health. Such a healthy person alone is truly fit to be a strong and desirable support to a healthy and progressive society of human beings.

Indeed, one more year has gone past! Let us not forget what all we have seen and learnt from the Year 2020. Now, the Year 2021 onwards, let us try our best in every way, to change for better, so that, as a responsible global citizen, we may provide a healthy and worthwhile support to the human society rather than to keep asking for more and more from the society and from God!

Throughout the Year 2021, may all in your family be blessed with wise thoughts and pleasant words and with the ability to perform selfless deeds.