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Pilgrimage - The Flight of Soul to the Self

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Uddharedaatmanaatmaanam Naatmaanamavasaadayet; Aatmaivahyaatmano Bandhuh Aatmaivaripuraatmanah.” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 6/5)

Do not to be your own enemy. As a human being it is advisable to uplift oneself by oneself rather than falling from the present stature of being a human; an intelligent being who has developed the power of discrimination. Board the Guru’s Sacred Flight if you truly intend to uplift yourself by yourself, so as to get back to your Original, Essential, Eternal Abode – The Self.

Some preparations are required before one may catch this Flight. Though free tickets are always available for it, but you have to submit certain documents to avail the ticket. And yes, it is an individual’s journey, where neither can you wait for someone to join you, nor can anyone else get the ticket for the same and travel on your behalf!

On this Sacred Flight, all facilities are provided free of cost. No conditions apply except for one; your eligibility! For eligibility, you will have to submit certain specific documents to the Guru. That’s interesting! Man runs after all that he can get “free of cost”; but here, unfortunately even that does not really attract anyone! Here, if it is told that there would be no financial commitments involved to board this Flight, then people think adversely; thinking that it must be useless since it is free of cost! The only glitch is that as long as this Sacred Flight is not boarded, that long the soul keeps paying heavily, life after life!

Little does the man know that one can never pay anything to the Guru, because the Absolute Truth and the Sacred Knowledge that reveals It cannot be bought, as It cannot be sold anyway! Those who try to “sell It” actually do not “have It”. So how can they sell that which they themselves do not have? In fact, It can only be bestowed by a Shrotriya and Brahmanishtha Guru, upon a deserving Shishya.

If you are interested to catch this Flight, then your next question could be that, what is the duration of the Flight. The Holy Texts tell us that once you board this Flight, then “soon” you would arrive at your Destination. Now this “soon” is anyone’s guess! There are specifications given therein for shortening the timeline if one wishes to do so. Therefore, it is worth trying it out. Remember? No money involved?

Now, some detailing, since you seem to be interested! The credibility of this Flight is guaranteed by the Men of Wisdom since ages. And yet if you have any doubt about Its safety and security, and Its credibility, then there is no solution for it; the only thing that I can say is “bad luck! Better luck next life”!

What makes one eligible for this Flight? It is unswerving faith and devotion, (Shraddha and Bhakti) towards Scriptures and in the advice of the Guru (Shaastra and Guru Vaakya), makes one eligible. The documents of proof for these are to be submitted neither on paper nor digitally. Truthful and genuine submission of your eagreness to learn from the Guru with commitment and humility at the Holy-feet of Sree Guru Parampara, would suffice for your eligibility to board the Flight.

Once the traveller has been accepted for the Flight, then the traveller would be provided with the suitable ticket as per the Guru’s guidance. It could be of Karmyog, Dhyanyog, Bhaktiyog or Gnyanyog Sadhna. Remember, these are the tickets for the Sacred Flight and are not your destination. One must note that none of these four has to be attained exclusively, because, the ticket for any one of these, is inclusive of support of the rest of the three.

If the ticket is of Karm Yog, then firstly, you have to understand the deep import of the word “Dharm” as explained exhaustively by the Shaastra-s. Once all aspects of “Dharm”, such as Manusmriti Dharm, Varnaashram Dharm, Sansarik Swadharm, Dharmik Swadharm, Adhyatmik Swadharm and so on, are well understood, then Dharm has to be diligently practised throughout the Flight. Dharm has to be the basis of the practices of “Arth” and “Kaam”, which ultimately would arouse Mumukshuttvam (burning desire for liberation), and the Guru would reach you to “Moksha”, your Ultimate Destination.

The rest of the tickets of this Sacred Flight alongwith some more important information regarding the Flight, would be given in next month’s article. Remain updated!

……………to be contd.