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Prostrations to The Divine Mother

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Buddhirupena Samsthita; Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah.” – (Sree Durga Saptashati - 5/73)

After performing the Rights & paying obeisance to ancestors during Shraaddh, this month is dedicated to the Mother Goddesses for prayerfully performing Rituals during Navraatri.

The Divine Mother abides in different ways in the multifaceted world. Who knows when and in what way would the Divinity get manifest through oneself! While singing the glory of the Divine Mother Goddess, Rishi Maarkandeya has expressed so beautifully in Sree Durga Saptashati (also known as Devi Maahaatmyam), the various manifestations of the Divine in the world of multifarious experiences. The Divine Mother in the aforesaid Stotra has been conceived as the various expressions of the Consciousness and is addressed as Buddhirupa, Nidrarupa, Kshudharupa, Chhaayarupa, Shaktirupa, Trishnarupa, Kshantirupa, Jatirupa, Lajjaarupa, Shantirupa, Shraddhaarupa, Kantirupa, Lakshmirupa, Vrittirupa, Smritirupa, Dayaarupa, Tushtirupa, Matrirupa and Bhrantirupa.

Each address is extremely significant for the seeker. By constant contemplation with deep faith and surrender on each of these names of The Mother, the seeker would be able to desirably transform the very tendencies inherent in his nature. Such transformation could be hard for any seeker by merely studying the scriptures, because, he would find it very difficult to implement the instructions and advices given therein. But yes, sincere worship of the Mother Goddess for the specific purpose of self-improvement and transformation, with proper understanding, could bring the desirable results indeed!

In the given Stotra, The Mother Goddess has been expressed to be abiding as Buddhirupa. This indicates that the Rishi says that the abilities of Buddhi (intellect), which are Vivek (the power of discrimination) and Nishchaya (the power of decision-making), are the expressions of The Mother Goddess. The believer or the seeker will therefore have to dedicatedly attribute his intellectual abilities to The Divine Mother and sincerely drop the pride of having it. Else, as per the human tendency of inclining upon the previously acquired animalistic nature which he would have tardily transcended by going through several lifetimes of lower evolutions, would surface in his Chitta (mind-stuff) and he would be inspired to misuse or even abuse his intellectual abilities. Rather it would be advisable for him to put all his effort humbly, to enhance the intellectual abilities further in the right direction, by constant contemplation upon this beautiful aspect of the Divine Consciousness inherent in himself.

Here is where we understand the utmost importance of Japa Saadhna (practice of devotedly and single-pointedly repeating the Divine Names) of these various addresses of The Divine Mother, Mananam (constant contemplation upon the import of The Divine Names) and Dhyan Saadhna (practice of meditation for purification of mind and subsequent self-elevation).

The human race is privileged to have developed the intellectual ability surpassing the animal kingdom. But then, if it is put to use indiscriminately by someone, with vicious and harmful intentions and for selfish motives, should that individual be considered to be intelligent, is the question! This is the very reason why Rishi-s (the great Men of Wisdom) have always inspired the mankind to inculcate human values and enhance the purity of mind to support their intellectual abilities, thus ensuring harmless and exceptional progress that would be universally beneficial.

Having contemplated upon one of the attributes of The Mother for considerable period of time, the seeker can thereafter prayerfully pick up another such attribute given therein by Rishi Maarkandeya, to continue his Adhyatmik Saadhna (Spiritual practices).

May all those striving sincerely on the Sacred Path be blessed by The Divine Mother once again during the colourful and joyous auspicious Navraatri festivities this year. Prostrations at the Holy Feet of The Divine Mother!