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Nourishing the Heart

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

The heart in the body is the pumping station of blood, which circulates all over and nourishes the body. Once the heart stops, the body is declared dead! Whereas if any other organ or part of the body, including the most crucial brain; stops functioning, the body is still alive. Therefore, what a body really needs is a healthy heart. Nowadays, people are very conscious about keeping themselves fit so that their heart remains stress-free. You go for long walks early in the morning, enduring heat and cold! Yogic exercises are also very popular amongst health-conscious people no matter how much expensive or time-consuming it would be.

Similarly, the human society is growing, flourishing and prospering in every way and people are ready to put in their best efforts for it. In the Bhagawad Geeta the Lord says –“….. In this human world, success born of self-effort accrues quickly” (4/12). But, it is the spiritual nurturing that culminates into blossoming of the Spiritual Heart. Often it is observed that the society misses out on spiritual nurturing and it calls for its own decay, destruction and ultimately, death! The depletion of humane values, loss of rational thinking and outburst of violence and vulgarity, cause actual death of the human society when its people become heartless!

It is in this light that the Men of Wisdom, through their exemplary life and profound works, have made us aware of the art of inculcating humane values, the practises for enhancing rational thinking and the practical ways of living a serene, decent, non-violent life. The various social, cultural and religious functions that we occasionally observe and enjoy, are all designed to bring harmony and unity in the society. These, when celebrated under the guidance of a Sadguru who is well-versed in the Shastras, leave deep impact on your life. The explanations given by the Seers, with philosophical insight regarding these, cultivate interest in you to celebrate those with sincerity and focus. Thus slowly you can proceed onto self-improvement and can help transform your mind into an attentive tool that can be utilized for pursuing higher purposes in life and most importantly, by doing so, culminate the mind into pure heart; saving the society from death!

In the heart of the beautiful NCR city Noida, there throbs with its positively active energy, an institute with a difference; and that is Satyavrat Institute of Subjective Sciences. The selfless work of the Sadgurus, of awakening human beings towards inner potentials and purity of heart, ought not to go waste due to our sheer negligence or non-concern. Being fully aware of the infinite treasure of Self-knowledge left behind by our great Seers and humbly acknowledging the tireless efforts of our great legacy of Sadgurus such as Sree Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Tapovanam and Swami Chinmayanandaji to name a few, SISS goes forward unabatedly working towards the noble service to the society in the field of culture and spirituality.