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One Year of “Corona”!

By H H Maa Purnananda

Following is the excerpt from my article that was uploaded on our website in the month of April last year: “At the time of severe health hazard and the crisis due to the same being faced by humanity, our heart reaches out in prayers for the entire humanity globally. The governments of all the countries are trying their best, to prevent the spread of and treat the people affected by the pandemic, to provide the daily essentials for survival and taking utmost precautionary measures and giving medical services to fight it out. When the citizens understand the gravity of the crisis and cooperate with the whole system that is governing, treating, providing and managing, the task becomes easier for them all to tackle the situation more peacefully and efficiently.”

“One year of Corona” has gone past; but not the Corona! Now is the time to introspect. After a year, as a citizen of my country, let me sit back and analyse, did I do my best in the given situation? Did I cooperate well with the above mentioned system that handled it? Did I try to remain kind and cooperative to my ‘locked-down’ family members? Could I handle myself well, mentally and physically? Was there peace and harmony in my family and the society around? What all new things did I learn?

Did the children at home spend time being helpful in household chores, studying sincerely at home, being creative and skilful, and, did they try to be more focused? Did the children learn their mother-tongue properly and did they improve upon their communication skills?

As the earning member of my family, was I able to cope up with the financial slack? Did I do my best to handle the expenses of all kinds with the available resources? Have I planned with my family about the various aspects of our lives such as education, earnings & expenditure, health, recreation and so on, for upcoming three or four years?

Lastly, did my family try to learn more about our social, cultural and religious values in a systematic way? For all the former activities, people have got all the time as they consider those to be very important in life, but, latter activities are not very important in their view! These were most important as in normal circumstances, people usually do not take out time only for this purpose!

After proper assessment of all the above mentioned aspects, each individual will have to reorganize one’s own daily routine and might also have to slowly change the very lifestyle for the purpose of elevating from within and uplifting the level of life.

The microscopic living organism has given a fresh dynamic view to look at the circumstances differently and has given new direction to human life! Your introspection and analysis of the year that has gone past must motivate you to work harder than before with a higher view towards life, with renewed energy and a planned approach.

Chaitra Navraatri and Sree Ram Navami are round the corner. Pray with a purpose, with proper understanding and most importantly, with deeper faith and higher virtues. May all be blessed with the wisdom to understand the right import of the concepts related to Mother Goddesses and the very purpose of Lord’s Incarnations.