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Belief, Faith, Devotion, & Surrender

By H H Maa Purnananda

I am a young, educated, enthusiastic, active and capable individual. I have my own ideas and imaginations. I am quite adventurous and hence have been trying out different things in life, such as various skills, different foods, tourism, excursions and even I venture different fields of professions.

I believe in my own religion. So I don’t have to try out different religions that seem to be easier to practice and might even have many fold more followers. That I am sure of my belief in my own religion, I suppose it is advisable for me to learn about it and pick up certain fundamental principles of my religion that are the foundation and pillars of it on which it stands.

As I begin to learn about my religion, initially I don’t understand much of it and nor do I find much interest in it. So it is quite possible that I therefore don’t want to learn about it and nor do I want to practice anything of it. But then, I am told that it is the tradition of our family and therefore I have to include certain traditional practices in my daily routine as well as I have to celebrate certain special days that are earmarked as auspicious as per my religion. So somehow I am introduced to my religion, almost as a compulsion.

Once a compulsion, daily practice of my religion has slowly become a part of my being and now I actually look forward to my religious routine and eagerly wait for celebrations on special occasions. I think gradually my belief has turned into my faith in my religion and now I have developed interest in knowing more about my religion. So I have to find out someone who might be able to explain a bit about it to me.

And yes, I have found out where to go to learn about my religion. Here I am, taking baby steps towards learning the symbolism given in my religion and the philosophy behind the various practices which are all based on logic and rationality. As I go deeper into it, I find more and more logic in it and it is so satisfying indeed. Although my varied worldly interests go on and I continue to pursue them too, I find a great difference in myself while interacting with the world; I mean my attitude towards the world around, my view towards the situations and circumstances, my behaviour towards the people and most importantly, my approach towards my own life! Truly, learning systematically about my religion with steady faith has brought drastic change in my life!

Actually, it won’t be wrong to say that I can feel the dormant seeds of devotion towards the Supreme Self deep within, have started sprouting in a corner of my heart. I am now eagerly waiting for these sprouts of devotion to blossom into fragrant flowers of surrender to be offered at the Holy-feet of my beloved Gurudev who has picked me up, who has held me tight and who has made me walk courageously, dynamically and blissfully on the great and glorious Sacred Path. I am sure that by His grace and blessings I shall be able to continue my Sacred journey with steady belief, unflinching faith, deep devotion and complete surrender to the Supreme Self!

My gratitude and prostrations at the Holy Altar of Sree Guru Parampara on the auspicious occasion of Sree Guru Purnima which falls on 24th July this year.