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The Best Way To Cultivate Virtues & Strive For Self-evolution

H H Maa Purnananda

“Sarvasya Chaaham Hridi Sannivishtah Mattah Smritirgnyaanamapohanam Cha; Vedaishcha Sarvairahamev Vedyah Vedaantkridvedvidev Chaaham.” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 15/15)

There are many interesting things to be noted while cultivating crops and growing plants, that can be taken as apt examples to understand the ways and means to cultivate virtues as well. Let us observe.

There are some basic requirements – a piece of fertile land, healthy seeds, conducive climate including sunrays and moonbeams, and, sufficient water. The farmer in the field and the gardener in the garden know very well about these requirements. They know that in spite of all the effort they put along with meeting with the proper requirements, yet, much would depend upon the providence of mother nature. Hence, they have deep-rooted faith in the Almighty which they would have cultivated down the line through generations! This deep-rooted faith makes them large-hearted and if nurtured further keeping it uncontaminated by greed, lust and anger, their heart would develop into a perfect seat for the Supreme Self!

Similarly, there are some basic requirements for a seeker to grow into Spirituality. Firstly, there has to be some substance in the seeker’s mind that is fertile enough to get genuinely interested in Spiritual pursuit. Unless the individual is ready to plough the mind by reading from and listening to the discourses on the important scriptural texts, the seeds of higher and purer thoughts would not be able to find any place in his mind. Once such ploughing is done properly, the fresh and healthy seeds of virtuous thoughts picked up from the scriptures need to be sown very diligently and sincerely by the seeker in his mind. Regular watering of the seeds, and eventually the plants, in proper proportion would be equally essential for their proper growth. Various Saadhna-s such as Puja, Japa and Dhyaan are required for the mind-intellect equipment as water is required for the seeds and plants.

Thereafter, for these seeds to develop into healthy sprouts, he would have to nurture the mind by providing it a conducive environment of noble company and selfless service. These would enhance the quality of his mind and would direct it towards the Higher, the Divine. Now the plant, having Spiritual fervour, would begin to grow bigger day-by-day, provided, the grace of the Providence continues to bless the seeker with proper sunlight ie the brilliance of scriptural understanding, and moonbeams ie purity of mind-intellect equipment.

Once the plant grows up healthy and matured, soon it starts flourishing with blooms of flowers and bunches of fruits. Such a well-nourished mind-intellect equipment would surely mature into a noble and friendly individual, working with complete dedication, deep devotion and unswerving faith, always contributing to the welfare of the world.

When the crop is ready for the harvest, the farmer does not delay to do the needful. Similarly, when the seeker’s mind is well-tamed and the intellect is well-rooted in Spiritual Wisdom, it is time for him to harvest the crop of wisdom and virtues, by sacrificing all the merits thus-earned by him, at the Holy-feet of the Almighty.

Is it not true that without the Divine intervention, it would not have been possible for the process of cultivation to culminate into harvesting a healthy crop? In the same way, it is true that without the Divine grace and blessings, it would not be possible for an individual to overcome his selfish and desire-motivated life and turn it into a selfless Divine-motivated life. Such a life of a sincere seeker would culminate into large-heartedness. Such a pure and pious Heart is the seat of the Almighty.

As Sree Bhagwaan says in the given Shlok, He resides in everyone’s Heart, blessing such pious individuals with Spiritual Wisdom, worthy memory, helpful knowledge and beneficial forgetfulness. Thus we may conclude that studying the scriptures and implementing the teachings thereof, under the guidance of the Guru, with sincerity and faith, is the best way to cultivate virtues and strive for self-evolution.