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Sree Ram Charit Maanas

By H H Maa Purnananda

Discourses in Hindi on ‘Bal Kand’ of ‘Sree Ram Charit Maanas’ got concluded here at SISS on the auspicious day of Sree Ram Navami which fell on 21st April’21. We all were completely engrossed in this intense work of Goswami Tulsidas ji while going through this first of the seven chapters, comprising of a comprehensive idea of what this whole Sacred Text holds within. This particular Sacred Book expresses the great Poet-Saint’s pure mind, brilliant heart and completely surrender at the Holy-feet of his Isht Dev (chosen Deity) Maryaada Purushottam (apostle of duty and discipline) Sree Ram.

Within several prayerful Doha, Sortha, Chhand and Chaupai (verses) in praise of Goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiv along with the Consort Goddess Paarvati, Lord Sree Ram and Mother Sita, in the beginning itself Sant Tulsidas ji humbly expresses that he sings this glory of Sree Ram merely for enjoying the inner bliss and not with any other purpose!

While describing the anecdote related to the Divine conversation between Lord Shiv with Devi Sati and later on the same between Lord Shiv with Devi Paarvati, Sant Tulsidas ji very interestingly weaves in the deep Philosophical teachings that one finds in the Holy Texts of Vedaant. This indicates the Spiritual brilliance of the Saint finely laced with his heartfelt devotion.

Various intricate aspects of the Divine wedding of Lord Shiv and Goddess Paarvati takes the seeker through an amusing journey of the individual Soul towards its final communion with the Absolute Self. The contrasting Roop (stature) of Lord Shiv as the Groom in His wedding procession and afterwards, His beauty as a Householder while expounding about Sree Ram to Devi Paarvati, is significantly mentioned by the Saint. All this and the above mentioned would impact the mind-intellect of the seeker only if the seeker studies this beautiful Text taking the Lakshyaarth (implied meaning) of the Text all through; otherwise it remains as simple as any story of kingly clans.

Goswami ji has so wonderfully presented the various reasons or purposes of Lord’s Incarnation that even a non-believer would at least get interested in reading further, if not adapting or implementing the indicative teachings from this Text that are truly inspiring for reviewing the ways and means of handling human life with better understanding and more importantly, with righteous intentions.

In this first chapter named ‘Bal Kand’ itself, Sant Tulsidas ji not only explains in details about the Holy Incarnation of Sree Ram along with His three Anshaavtaar (Part Incarnations) as the three brothers Bharat ji, Lakshman ji and Shatrughna ji, but also beautifully paints the canvas with the Divine Colours of Their assistance to the Guru and Sages and ultimately the most beautiful part of Sree Sita Swayamvar (the bride chooses the groom for herself by herself). When thousands of great kings and princes fail to even touch the Holy Bow of Lord Shiv, Sree Ram not only picks it up but also brakes it into two pieces. Thus fulfilling the condition of King Janak for marrying his Divine Daughter Sita, Sree Ram and His three brothers Bharat ji, Lakshman ji and Shatrughna ji get married to Devi Sita, Devi Mandvi, Devi Urmila and Devi Shrutkeerti respectively. Here again, the implied meanings and symbolism are to be comprehensively applied upon each and every character and upon everything that happens with and around them.

In brief, I would like to mention here that the seekers on the Sacred Path of Vedaant Philosophy have so much to learn from ‘Sree Ram Charit Maanas’, which is not very often read by them, having the idea that it is devotion-based and hence is not applicable to the Vedaantins! When you read it you understand that you were underestimating Sant Tulsidas ji’s Sacred Knowledge, drenched in His true devotion for the Supreme! Without further delay, pick up this Holy Book and get going! You will also get the USBs of discourses in Hindi on ‘Bal Kand’ of Sree Ram Charit Maanas which is to be published soon here at SISS; followed by the rest of the six chapters in due course, God Willing! Jay Sree Ram!