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‘Shraddha’ Saves from the Ordeal of Transmigration

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

“Brahmanyaadhaaya Karmaani Sangam Tyaktva Karoti yah.
Lipyatey Na Sa Paapen Padmapatramivaambhasa.”
(Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta 5/10)

“He who does actions, offering them to Brahman, abandoning attachment, is not tainted by sin, just as a lotus leaf remains unaffected by the water on it.”

Man runs after material objects day in and day out, works hard for livelihood, desire- satisfaction and other requirements. Little does he know the actual purpose of ‘work’. Right from childhood, he is told that as he grows, he has to fend for himself. As soon as he starts earning, he falls prey in the trap of his own desires. As much he is able to fulfill his desire, that much more he craves for more and more!

This is the rude play of man’s own ego, because he owns it! The owner of the ‘ego’ goes through the rough times in life, somehow or the other handling the circumstances in his own way, while playing the game of the see-saw of successes and failures.

In contrast to the common man’s view towards ‘work’, which is usually desire-motivated and for material gains, Sree Bhagawaan in Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta says that the purpose of ‘work’ is purification of ‘ego’.

When the purpose is ‘purification of ego’, then the motivation should not be any selfish desire. Because, the bundle of selfish desires (Vaasana's) is the very cause of ‘ego’. To identify only with the gross physical body, at the gross level for the purpose of self- gratification, is like being a ‘bundle of ego’. Now the plight is that how can this ‘ego’ work upon itself when it is already deluded by its own follies! Herein comes the urgent and definite importance of the Guru in life, under whose refuge and guidance alone can man shed the dependence on his ego and can think more wisely and differently. Man has to understand and acknowledge the constant and eternal presence of the Supreme Brahman, the Absolute Reality, and thereafter has to dedicate all his actions unto that Supreme.

But, without ‘Shraddha’ (faith) in the Guru, can man get the guidance to transform his mental state for better? Can the precious words of Wisdom be comprehended by him? Can he progress inwardly and evolve at all? Can he grow out of his attachment to his own ‘Guna's’?

Can he develop dispassion within so that to get a good hold over his mind and work hard to pursue spiritual practises so that in due course his deep-rooted Vaasana's get eliminated?

Can he, ever, give up ‘Sanga’ (attachment) to his egocentric way of life? Can he, ever, without the support of ‘Shraddha’ towards his Guru, give up ‘Sanga’ to his own inherent tendencies that he has been owning since lives? And, under such a state of affairs, he can never give up the ‘Karta Bhaav’ (doership) to embrace the lofty ideas given by the scriptures, about Brahman - the ultimate Reality. It is the sacred fortress of ‘Shraddha’ which protects man from the horrific impact of the ‘sin’ of ‘doership’.

It is important to understand the word ‘Shraddha’, else, it might remain undervalued! In one of His works, Gurudev has mentioned that Adi Shankaracharya explains the word ‘Shraddha’ as follows – ‘Shraddha’ is to mould the life and living on the basis of right intellectual comprehension of what the scriptures indicate and the teachers explain. According to the explanation given by these Sadguru's, it is not sufficient to have faith, but in fact it is implied that unless man lives up to what the scriptures indicate, his faith cannot be taken as his ‘Shraddha’! And, without ‘Shraddha’, man can just not proceed even a bit towards dispassion and self-purification, to remain untainted by his actions.

In short, man has to either accept the support of the Supreme Substratum over which depends the superimposed world, or, has to go through the ordeal of being tainted by his own deeds life after life! So, work hard, but with proper understanding and for higher purposes.

Summer vacations are round the corner and can be fully utilized in focusing upon such activities that can help us groom ourselves in the right direction. Each member of the family has to work upon oneself to maintain harmony and happiness. The elders have to set the right examples for the children to follow while enjoying their much awaited holidays.

Our humble prayer at the Holy-feet of the Guru Parampara to bless us to develop unflinching ‘Shraddha’ in our hearts towards Them so that we may comprehend Their Sacred Words and try to live up to that.