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“Karo, Na-karo” during “Corona”!

H H Maa Purnananda

At the time of severe health hazard and the crisis due to the same being faced by humanity, our heart reaches out in prayers for the entire humanity globally. The governments of all the countries are trying their best, to prevent the spread of and treat the people affected by the pandemic, to provide the daily essentials for survival and taking utmost precautionary measures and giving medical services to fight it out. When the citizens understand the gravity of the crisis and cooperate with the whole system that is governing, treating, providing and managing, the task becomes easier for them all to tackle the situation more peacefully and efficiently.

Man, the intelligent being, has to be more cautious. It is observed that whenever the human beings fail to practice restraint and go overboard in worldly indulgences, they call for self-destruction along with the devastation of harmony, peace and progress worldwide. In Hindi we can say – “Todengey Samyam Toh Bulayengey Yam!

So what should be the “Karo, Na-karo” during the crisis of “Corona”? Of course, all must strictly and sincerely adhere to the advice and suggestions provided by the concerned authorities every now and then. Apart from that, while being indoors, it is essential to spend the time carefully, thoughtfully, peacefully and gracefully for your mental, intellectual and Spiritual health and well-being. Let us see how!

Darling little children! Catch up with the studies that you have been skipping due to various kinds of stress and pressure or even dislike. No exams! But it is great fun to study without compulsions. Enjoy studying and reading all the variety of subjects like never before; and, do not forget to pursue your hobby every day. Eat whatever is being cooked at home; do not forget to offer it to God before you eat. Play indoor games with your family, relevant to each one of them; you love them so dearly, don’t you? So find out what all games can you play with your grand-parents, parents and your siblings. Do not complain, do not quarrel, do not throw tantrums, do not fuss. Read about the various incarnations of Gods and Goddesses, inspiring lives of great Saints and Sages and noble men and women from worldwide. And most importantly, learn by heart, some more Stotra-s and Shloka-s without fail; God loves you!

Hey youngsters! No exams, no occupation, no friends! So what? Do not pay heed to such worthless thoughts. Do not laze away. Do not create unpleasantness. Do not get bored! Now is the best time to be creative, pursue the indoor activity that you always wanted to, but never got time! Now is the best time to learn and extend your help towards household chores. If you don’t know what to do and how to do, feel free to ask the elders around you. Now is the best time to enjoy good reading and to enhance your vocabulary, sharpen your memory and cultivate your culture. Spend time with your family with cohesiveness, cooperation and self-control! Entertain yourself the way you wish to, but without offending anyone. It would be great to learn the methods of worship and techniques of prayers and meditation, and, to read the words of Wisdom from the immortal works of the great Saints, contained in the Holy-books that have been lying at home ever since. You must!

Dear parents! At last you got a compulsory break from your busy schedule to be with your family; though not the best way! It is wiser to take purposeful and worthwhile breaks by choice rather than by compulsion. If only you practice self-restraint and a bit of dispassion while earning, enjoying and aggrandising, the life could be better! Anyways, now that you are at home, do not waste these precious moments of your life in unnecessary thoughts of past and future, negativities and non-essential matters. Diligently introspect, analyse and channelize the flow of your thoughts towards the Divine. Do not get into petty arguments, useless quarrels and worthless negativities. Do not get upset or feel discomforted by the elders and the young family members around you. Your family deserves all your love, attention, compassion and your kind care and concern, don’t they? Read some interesting and elevating works of great Saints and Sages, it will be of huge benefit for the well-being of all. Try to memorise some Stotra-s and Shloka-s that you always thought you could never! Spend more time towards your regular religious and spiritual practices and enhance them by performing them more peacefully, attentively and sincerely. You really have time! You can do it.

Blessed grand-parents! You know the dos and don’ts, don’t you? Yet, some thoughts shared here for you too! Deal with your dear ones around you with prudence and affection. Do not feel neglected, lonely and depressed. Do not be afraid and apprehensive about the future or even the present circumstances. Pick up the Holy Scriptures from your book-shelf, read them systematically, try to understand and contemplate upon the core teachings of the Men-of Wisdom, derive the essence of the teachings and elevate yourself by practising the same with determination. Feel the presence of the Divine all around and be peacefully prayerful; your prayers work wonders for your near and dear ones; yes, it will!

And lastly, given above are some of the thoughts shared regarding “Karo, Na-karo” to be implemented and practiced not only during the “Corona” crisis, but also thereafter and for ever! Think of more such ideas and implement them for the benefit of all. Do not panic! Do not worry! Do not hoard! Be careful. Be fearless. Be prayerful. Have unflinching faith in the Almighty, the Shaastra-s and Sree Guru Parampara; the best alone will surely happen! Beloved Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda ji says, “Even this will pass away.”