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Dushehra Indeed Is An Important Auspicious Day!

H H Maa Purnananda

“Sattvaat Sanjaayatey Gnyaanam Rajaso Lobh Eva Cha; Pramaadmohau Tamaso Bhavtoagnyaanmeva Cha……” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 14/17)

Once, Lord Brahma’s four Maanas Putra-s, Sree Sanat Kumaar-s decided to go from Their Holy Abode Brahm Lok to Vaikunth, Lord Vishnu-s Abode to seek His Darshan. After passing through six Dwaar-s (gates), when They were about to enter the last Dwaar, They were encountered by the two Dwaarpaal-s (sentries) Jay and Vijay. The sole intention of the Kumaar-s was to have Darshan of Their Beloved Lord Vishnu, but this was not acceptable to the Dwaarpaal-s. A prolonged argument between these four young Rishi-s and the two devoted Dwaarpaal-s led to a heated exchange of words. Ultimately, the Sanat Kumaar-s lost Their cool and They told the Dwaarpaal-s that by stopping Them from entering into Vaikunth, they have pushed themselves from being the Paarshad-s (councillors) of Lord Vishnu to the lowly Asur-Yoni-s (demon-births).

Just as Lord Vishnu hears this commotion, He arrives at the Dwaar. To pacify the crisis built up amongst His own great devotees, He saves Jay and Vijay from permanent disqualification from Vaikunth and blesses them for their redemption by His own hands in each demon-birth and their safe return to Vaikunth after three such lowly births.

In their first fallen birth, these two Dwaarpaal-s became the two mighty Asur-s Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaaksh in Krit-Yug and were redeemed by Lord Vishnu as Sree Nrisingh Avtaar and Sree Varaah Avtaar respectively. In the next birth they became Raavan and Kumbhkarn in Treta-Yug and were redeemed by Lord Vishnu as Sree Ram Avtaar; and, in their last fallen birth Jay and Vijay became Shishupaal and Dantvaktra in Dwaapar-Yug and were redeemed by Lord Vishnu as Sree Krishn Avtaar.

So why did Lord Vishnu save the two Dwaarpal-s from permanent stay in hell? Obviously, because they were the two great devotees of the Lord who were at His service when the unprecedented situation arose! As a Paarshad, to be at the service of the Lord Himself, definitely one has to be sufficiently qualified. Therefore, it is evident that Jay and Vijay were great scholarly devotees of Lord Vishnu.

Though Raavan was thus a great scholarly devotee of the Lord, due to his then being in Asur Yoni, the huge impact of his Taamsik tendency, he had cultivated ego equal to ten heads and he was motivated by his own fallen nature to carry out heinous acts. In spite of basically being knowledgeable, he suffered from delusion, heedlessness, utter ignorance and greed! This makes it clear that it is extremely important for every intelligent or scholarly person to prevent the mind-intellect equipment from Rajas and Tamas, and cultivate and maintain it as much Saatvik as possible.

To cultivate Saatvik tendencies, certain religious practices are essential. The impact of worldly thoughts and interactions accentuate Rajas and Tamas, whereas, the association with the Godly thoughts and activities cultivate Sattva. Reading the works of the Rishi-s such as the Upanishad-s, Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, Sree Ramayanam, the Puraan-s and the like, daily worship, various kinds of Upaasna-s, observance of Vrat-Upvaas-s, Japa and practice of meditation are some of the thought-channelizing practices and activities that motivate the individuals towards the Higher and ultimately help to cultivate Sattva and eventually drive them towards the Supreme.

It is therefore very important for the aspirant of a joyously peaceful, positively productive and serenely successful life and hereafter, to educate himself for scholarly knowledge but completely refrain from becoming a Raavan! The dilemma of being greedy, ignorant, heedless and deluded, though intelligent, can be tackled only by self-restraint and sincere association with the pure wisdom of the Spiritual Masters.

After observance of nine days and nights of self-restraint in the Holy association of the Mother Goddesses during Shaardeeya Navraatri, comes the day of deliverance of Raavan-like ego of the scholarly devotee and ultimately leading the Raavan in him to redemption bestowed by Lord Sree Ram, the Aatmaram, his own Inner-Self.

Greetings on Dushehra; is it not one of the most auspicious days!