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Yog Is The Key To Trouble-free life

H H Maa Purnananda

“Yogasthah Kuru Karmaani Sangam Tyaktva Dhananjaya; Sidhyasidhyoh Samo Bhootva Samatvam Yog uchyatey.”
– (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 2/48)

Want a trouble-free year ahead? The least one can do to keep away from the troubles created by oneself is to be constantly in Yog.

What is Yog? In the given Shlok, the Lord gives a beautiful definition of “Yog” in one simple word – “Samatvam”.

At the same time, the Lord also instructs Arjun, here addressing him as “Dhananjaya”, to fulfil his ordained duties, while abandoning attachments and by remaining steadily established in Yog. Further, in the same Shlok, the Lord states the technique of attaining Samatvam which is by rising above the idea of success and failure, likes and dislikes and so on.

Complete instruction in one breath! In short, the Lord’s instruction is a complete package of remedy for enjoying a trouble-free year ahead, nay, for all the years to come in rest of my life!

“Sangam” here means attachments in the mind for objects and beings, due to the mind’s long and firm association. It is futile to work upon the mind to free it from attachments because “I”, the owner of the mind, has succumbed to the mind, hence the mind has become the Ruler!

The greatest trouble, that is, the mind becoming the Ruler, can be ruled out by one simple technique, which is, of hooking up the mind to the Higher. So, to give up the worldly attachments, one needs to remain in union-“Yog” with the Divine. When one gets well established in Yog, then he remains in “Samatvam”-in equanimity. Even-mindedness is Samatvam, which can be achieved by rising above the pairs of opposites that are experienced due to the attachments and aversions.

So who is troubling me? It is my own disturbed mind. So then who can make my upcoming year trouble-free? I myself. And how? By working upon myself as per the instructions and advise of Sree Krishna. So when would that happen? That I shall have to decide.

Should I decide positively? If the answer is “yes”, then don’t waste time, get going right away; may the Almighty bless you! If the answer is negative, then don’t expect a trouble-free life! God bless!

Wish you a very happy 2020!