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Faith – The Silent Power

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

There will be very few human beings in the world at any point of time, who would not believe in the Lord Almighty in one way or the other; in one form or the other. The individual souls are the creatures & the Lord is the Creator.

God, the Creator, has been glorified & His gifts to humanity have been extolled by Saints in different ways from time immemorial. A devotee draws inspiration from the melodious and enchanting words of these Saints, describing the indescribable grandeur & beauty of God. Lord is the only one, who is independent. He alone is all encompassing and all pervading. His infinite attributes cannot be belittled, conditioned or downgraded. His existence & activities are independent of the world of things & beings. God is not a vague spiritual substance, a mere creation of utter emotionalism. He is the home of all auspicious qualities. He is the abode of peace, bliss & knowledge in their completeness and brilliance. He is the very power behind the whole cosmos, silently & infinitely pervasive.

There is no doubt about the eternal relation and therefore the dependence of creatures on God. The Lord reveals Himself to the devotee in various ways, under different circumstances, according to the individual’s spiritual eligibility. Therefore, each soul should work out its moral life and thus prepare to receive the Lord’s Grace. The Lord Almighty is not only Transcendent and immanent, but He is the very substratum, He is the continuing cause.

Forbearance, love and compassion to one and all are a few of His innumerable inimitable traits. It is high time that the human beings should join hands in the vigorous mission to uplift humanity from the foolish violent ways and to evolve it to walk confidently on the path of devotion & service to mankind. Those who are filled with faith in the Lord with understanding & knowledge of the limitations of human nature will not find it difficult to believe in the strength of devotion & dedication towards the Lord. Though it is difficult to overcome one’s own nature, but it is never impossible to do so, especially if one has unwavering faith & belief in the divine silent power of the Almighty.