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It Won’t Happen In One Day; But, It Will Surely Happen One Day

By H H Maa Purnananda

Why do those on the righteous path find themselves to be weak? Why do those who work hard, yet get disappointed and dissatisfied with their own work; and often give up? Why do people, though intelligent, lose patience, forbearance and fortitude when most required? Why does evil seem to overpower the good? Why don’t people having faith in God, try to be more disciplined and focused? Why? Why? Why? The list could be endless……………..

Similarly, Arjun asks – “Atha Kena Prayuktoayam Paapam Charati Purushah; Anichchhanapi Vaarshneya Balaadiva Niyojitah.”
Lord Sree Krishna replies – “Kaam Esha Krodh Esha Rajoguna Samudbhavah; Mahaashano Mahaapaapma Viddhyenamiha Vairinam.”

Man, as though unwillingly, is forced to walk the wrong path! So what propels sinful thoughts in his mind? What motivates him for all wrongdoings? Let us rest assured that it is not that the external forces and circumstances compel him to be weak, unrighteous, disappointed, dissatisfied, impatient, intolerant, irresolute, evil, indisciplined and so on.

Sree Bhagawaan here tells that it is Kaam (passionate desire) and Krodh (anger), born out of Raajasik Guna (inherent passionate tendency) of an individual who suffers from such disorders and distortions of mind. The Lord further adds that know these to be the actual, all-devouring and all-sinful enemies!

So, the enemies lie within me, and I was all the time blaming the external world for all my sufferings! Sooner one realises this, the better it is for him. But then, there is a problem! Even while trying to learn from Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta and other such Holy Scriptures, the individual’s mind functions according to the inherent tendency, which if predominantly is Raajasik, then his understanding of the same too would be thus coloured. So, though intelligent enough to understand the scriptures, he would not be able to shed the negativities as desirable.

Therefore, we must get inspiration from Sree Krishna Avtaar so as to live righteously, act wisely and evolve steadily. Every year Bhaadrapad Ashtami of Krishna Paksh is observed as the day of Sree Krishna’s Incarnation (Avtaar Diwas). It is believed that on the dark night of this day, Lord Vishnu is born to Devaki as one of His most worshipped Incarnations, in the prison of Mathura, the kingdom of Kansa. Significantly Kansa’s, ignorance, leading him to arrogance, violence, cruelty and fear, indicate the dark side of one’s character. Man is capable enough to strive hard and shed the ignorance along with all the vices that are its outcome, and embrace the virtues that enhance the brilliance of Lord Sree Krishna.

The mind, affected and contaminated by Raajasik and Taamasik Gunas, pushes man into the darkness of ignorance of his own all-effulgent Self. Worshiping Sree Krishna with unswerving faith and seeking His refuge on the auspicious day of His Incarnation reinforces the conviction of the devotee to evolve by means of carrying out Spiritual and religious practices as part of the daily duty. The faith strengthens the inherent virtues due to which the devotee finds himself to be capable of fighting and winning over Kaam and Krodh, his own inner enemies. Do not give up! It won’t happen in one day; but, it will surely happen one day!