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Rise in Awareness of Consciousness

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

Having no knowledge about our Spiritual heritage can be justified, as it has never been a part of our regular academic curriculum. But then, have we not learnt so many other things which interest us, even though they were also never a part of the same? Therefore, our lack of interest in Spiritual studies cannot be covered by lame justifications!

I have been seeing a beautiful tree that stands erect in the sprawling lawns of Rajghat Gandhi Samadhi where twice every year we offer 'Sarva dharma prarthana'. This tree has been growing over the years and more and more people are getting comfort under its shade, be it rain or sunshine! But, can it be called a service of kindness by the tree? It is neither an intentional act of service nor instinctive – it is natural.

Humans have an edge over the plant and animal kingdoms. The faculty of intellect is their special advantage. Why then not make the best of it? Why use it for negative and destructive purposes and not for positive and constructive? The higher values support our constructive activities that are beneficial for all. The lower tendencies drag us into selfish and destructive activities. Some of it man learns at home in the lap of the mother, but much remains veiled under the cover of his wants and desires. Sincerely pursued Spiritual practises remove the veil to some extent; “Shraddha” removes 'ego' - the root cause of this veil itself! This is the best service to the humanity - 'Rising in Awareness of Consciousness'. Thereafter, everything starts falling right in its place!

A Man of Wisdom alone can capably impart the subtle and deep philosophy that the Spiritual studies provide us with. And then, not many will be ready to accept the teachings! Moreover, the world is full of objects that can distract the mind. It needs extra effort and skill to keep it focused and free from distractions. On Spiritual path one learns the techniques of keeping the mind untainted by innumerable distractions. Such a tamed mind can take guidance from the scriptures for its transformation. Transformation of lower instinctive nature, to a mind that thinks rationally without succumbing to its instincts, will itself be a big hurdle crossed. Thereafter, the mind finds itself propelling to the higher level of conscious living on the firm foundation of great values such as humility, compassion, uprightness, contentment and truthfulness. Soon after, such a mind gets set to transcend to higher planes of Consciousness. And then, the worldly objects no more distract the mind; it enjoys inner peace due to complete cessation of worldly thoughts.

Cessation of thoughts is the indication of the preparation of mind's flight to the realm of spiritual aura; the Holy Abode of great Seers and Masters. To be taken under the fold of such divine Masters is to add value to the journey of our life. At SISS, one learns to apply the teachings of Bhagawad Geeta in daily life to help themselves on the said path. SISS welcomes all to chant, read and understand this Holy Text.