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Drop the Pride of ‘I’, Embrace Prudence

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Ahamayam Kuto Bhavati Chinvatah; Ayi Patatyaham Nij Vichaaranam.” (Upadesh Saar – Sree Ramana Maharshi)

The world revolves around one word and that is “I”. Little do I know that this “I” itself is the bondage for me! When I have unswerving faith in the Divine, the Shaastra-s (Scriptures) and in the Wisdom of Sree Guru Parampara, then I better accept this declaration of the Scriptures that this “I” is the impediment, the blockade, the veil of ignorance which does not allow me to be with my True Self, to be my Essential Being and to revel as the Absolute Truth.

The compassionate Guru told the ignorant disciple – “Be with your True Self.”

The ignorant disciple said – “I am living in the world, interacting with one and all, suffering its pangs and enjoying happily, fulfilling my desires and my duties. Is it not ‘being with my True Self’?”

Guru – “This world of experiences is a mirage. Understand the fundamental error of the basis of your life and drop the idea of taking it as real. Can the water of mirage quench your thirst? Do not run after it to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst. It will never happen.”

Disciple – “But my parents and grand-parents, my teachers and my society have taught me to learn from my worldly experiences and instructed me to work hard for the livelihood. The world has given me so much! It does give me joy; my family, my friends, my achievements, innumerable interesting objects, latest technology! I can go on and on……..!”

Guru – “And, it is all false, just like a mirage. Therefore, the worldly experiences cannot quench your thirst my dear. Be with your True Self.”

Disciple – “O! Gurudev, I want to put all my faith in what You say, but I am unable to accept the world to be false. What do I do?”

Guru – “So listen to me and worship Sree Krishna. Sree Krishna is The True Self. Sree Krishna is your True Self. He is my True Self too. Sree Krishna, Sree Ram, Lord Shiv, Lord Narayan are all different names given to the One True Self that is concealed behind the “I”. when the “I” is eliminated, the True Self shines in Its own glory.”

Disciple – “You mean to say it is possible to ‘be with my True Self’ if I worship Sree Krishna?”

Guru – “Of course it is possible, else, why put faith in the Scriptures?” But yes, you have to make the right choice. ‘Drop the pride of “I”, embrace prudence’. Do you want to be in the darkness of your false ‘I-ness’, or, do you wish to revel in the light of your brilliantly self-effulgent True Self?”

Disciple – “I choose the second option. How do I begin my journey then? What do I do with my past experiences, my possessions, my achievements, my family, my friends, all the gadgets that I have acquired which are the gifts of latest technology, and so on?”

Guru – “Learn about them, work for them, earn them, have them, enjoy them, but, not as Real. Be thoroughly convinced throughout the worldly experiences that neither the world nor its experiences are Real. All is false, and hence, ‘all is worthless, all is worthless’, when your mind is not drenched deep in devotion at the Lotus-feet of Jagadguru Sree Krishna, ‘all is worthless, all is worthless’, when your mind is not drenched deep in devotion at the Lotus-feet of your Guru, ‘all is worthless, all is worthless, indeed’!”

Disciple – “But why? Why ‘all is worthless when my mind is not drenched deep in devotion, at the Lotus-feet of my Guru?”

Guru – “Because, the Guru tells you about the falsehood of the mirage-like world and about your True Self. Guru shows you the way back to your own True Self. Guru is the Apostle of Truth. There is no difference between the Lord and the Guru; both are one and the same True Self of yours and of mine! Drop the pride of your “I” and embrace the prudence of the Guru. Learn the proper method to practice meditation, contemplate on the deep import of the elevating verses of Sree Adi Shankaracharya’s Gurvashtakam and meditate upon the Real Self as guided by the Guru. In due course, your sincere practice of ‘Dhyan Saadhna’ would enhance your ability to reflect upon the True Self. Thus, at the right time, your “I” will drop and you shall embrace your Essential Being, the self-effulgent Absolute Truth, and That alone would shine forth.”

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On the auspicious day of Sree Krishna Janmaashtami falling this year on 30th August, humbly, sincerely and quietly worship Jagadguru Sree Krishna seeking His grace to continue your sacred journey with complete faith and conviction.