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It's Worthwhile to Worship!

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

After paying respects to ancestors during Shraaddh, sets in Sharad Ritu with nine auspicious nights popularly known as Navaratri for worship of Mother Goddess. When particular Sadhanas are practiced during specific days, as prescribed by scriptures, certain aspects of divinity in us get enhanced; the scriptures are verbal expressions of divine Subjective experiences of the Rishis (Subjective Scientists).

Rain is necessary for reproduction of flora and fauna; humans are no exception. Prayers to ancestors fetch their blessings to beget worthy progeny. Worship of Mother Goddess keeps the family clan united and connected with the manifest divinity. Thereafter, victory of Sree Ram over Ravana (annihilation of ego), which indicates return of Sree Ram to Ayodhya, along with Mother Sita and others (soul gets purified and gets back to be the divine Self). And that is celebrated as the auspicious day of Deepawali.

Considering deeper import of various festivals observed round the year, this profound Knowledge of Subjective Scientists regarding human psyche and evolution deserves great appreciation,. It channelizes the mind in positive direction, eliminating the elements of attachment-aversion, anger-greed etc., elevates the mind and prepares it for higher flights on spiritual path.