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Objective Shark or Subjective Shaastra?

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Dhritih Kshama Damoasteyam Shauchamindriyanigrahah; Dheervidyaa Satyamakrodho Dashakam Dharmlakshanam.” – (Naaradparivraajakopanishad 3/24)

Choice is yours! In most of the households, there is no direct approach to our Scriptures. As a result, most of us remain oblivious of the great treasure of Shaastra-s as we grow up. The insignificant knowledge of our own “Dharm” leads us to significant ignorance! People blindly observe certain traditions and haphazardly perform rights and rituals out of fear, compulsion, fanfare, or sometimes even just for fun! Soon they are swallowed by the worldly sharks.

When you peep into the Shaastra-s with faith and sincerity, under the guidance of your Guru, you get amazed by the vast wisdom of our great Rishi-s, nay, the whole Guru Parampara! The Shaastra-s lead you to the very Subject, your True Self.

Choice is yours! Approach the Shaastra-s directly and humbly, by surrendering and seeking guidance from the Guru. This life is very precious, provided man lives on the basis of “Dharm”. The nature around is always functioning according to its “Dharm”. Man forgets, or sometimes does not even know sufficiently about “Dharm”.

Simple ways of understanding “Dharm” are given in our Shaastra-s, and yet people do not approach the Shaastra-s. In the given example here from Naaradparivraajakopanishad, one gets simple tips about “Dharm”. Here, forbearance, forgiveness, self-restraint, non-stealing, cleanliness, constraint of senses, intelligence, skill, truthfulness and control of anger are given as ten characteristics of “Dharm”.

The reader may wonder if these qualities imply “Dharm”? Also, these may be much heard and read virtues from every scripture that one would have picked up! So instead of practising these in life, man reads such portions very casually and wants to know more and more about “Dharm”, or sometimes, wants to know more of the scripture in hand. While doing so, he completely forgets about these qualities that he was supposed to inculcate in himself to live up to his own “Dharm”. So what did he learn from the Shaastra-s? Nothing!

The Shaastra-s are the means for self-elevation only for those who sincerely try and live up to their “Dharm”. If I want to evolve but do not want to practice these ten characteristics “Dharm”, all my effort of reading, memorizing, performing and practicing of the Shaastra-s would be in vain. These aspects of “Dharm” indicate purity of mind and brilliance of intellect, and both are fundamental requirements for progressing on the Sacred Path. Therefore, it is imperative that without imbibing these qualities, self-evolution is truly not possible!

Deepaawali is round the corner. Prepare yourself and your families well for the Auspicious Occasion! Our Subjective Shaastra-s say that on Deepawali, Sree Ram along with Mother Sita would return to Ayodhya as after annihilating Raavan on Dushahra. May our hearts be enlightened by the brilliant glory of Sree Ram the Supreme Self, so that we remain whole-heartedly devoted to Him alone and be ever protected, even while swimming in the “ocean of Sansaar” which is full of “objective sharks”.

Shubh Deepaawali to all!