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Are You a Skilled Gardener?

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

A man of noble character performs virtuous actions; a man of tainted character does wrong deeds. Stature is the charm of a man – ‘Narasya aabharanam roopam’. Nobility of character is the charm of the stature –‘Roopasya aabharanam gunah’. Without nobility man falls down to the level of a brute. A man of noble character is honored, trusted, adored and worshipped everywhere. Therefore, develop a good character right from when you are young. Learn how to watchfully eliminate vices and cultivate virtues in the garden of your heart. Vicious lower, undesirable & evil thoughts are weeds that will spoil your beautiful garden. Virtuous higher thoughts of sacrifice, humility, charity, forbearance and love are the precious flowers & fruits in your garden. Let not the weeds destroy the natural growth of the fragrance.

The yogic method of ‘Pratipaksha Bhawana’ – cultivation of the opposites, is to be learnt for becoming an expert gardener. Purity, generosity, humility, celibacy, selflessness, friendship, compassion are the opposites of impurity, greed, arrogance, lust, selfishness, animosity, violence. Become a skilful Yogic gardener. Plant healthy saplings & seeds in the garden of your heart. Avoid the weeds & whenever they crop-up, pluck them, throw them away and again put a nice fresh sapling instead. When your heart-garden is fully fragrant with plenty of greenery dotted with colorful flowers & juicy fruits, invoke the lord of your heart sincerely. And the Lord will appear in all His Glory right in the center of your enchanting heart-garden. Meditate on His Holy feet & enjoy the Eternal bliss & Immortality.

For all this, you must obey the laws or codes of conduct. The rules are given for you by the lawgivers – ‘Dharma – Samsthapakas’ for your own benefit; for your betterment and spiritual uplift. These lawgivers are great saints & sages who themselves lived exemplary lives of virtues & purity guiding the humanity through generations. One such brilliant Sadguru is Sree Ved Vyasa, a great spiritual teacher, who has compiled and authored the Eternal scriptures such as the four Vedas, the Mahabharata, The eighteen Puranas & many ‘Prakarana Granthas’ to name a few.

This year, on Guru Purnima, 22nd July, we offer our gratitude at the Holy feet of such great Gurus for guiding us on the glorious path of virtues to attain Eternal peace & bliss.