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Who Wants To Know?

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

Many of us are not convinced of the need to learn the Scriptures. Some of us are struggling hard to understand the Scriptures and their applicability in day-to-day life. Although, most of the people do have some kind of faith and belief in the Supreme or the Power of Almighty; at least at the time of crisis, if not always!

Human habitats worldwide are full of places of worship, be it a native deity or a tribal God or a church, a mosque, a monastery or a temple. Most of us have been following the tradition of worship being practiced through generations; though with doubts unanswered; sometimes even without questioning.

It is not only my birthright to know about that in whom I am supposed to put my wholehearted faith, but it is my duty to do so. Scriptures explain all about That Supreme as any text book explains about History, Geography, Mathematics, Engineering or Physics. We need to study the Scriptures too as much, or even more so, as they deal with the subtle aspect of our existence and we need to put our most precious possession in it – Faith!

We put all our faith in the world, even after having experienced that it is subject to constant change and therefore it is unpredictable. Its unpredictability causes disturbance in the mind and shakes up the faith. Hence it is advised by men-of-wisdom to inculcate unwavering faith in the Supreme Reality, because, the Supreme is that One, which remains changeless in three periods of time – past, present and future; It is timeless!

But then, how can we put our wholehearted faith in that unknown, unexperienced, unseen and intangible, about which different people worldwide explain in different ways and when none of them is able to provide any tangible proof regarding Its existence? Here is where each one of us will have to take a call for ourselves as to whether to put our belief in the wisdom of the great saints and philosophers to begin the journey towards that unknown but very important factor of life and existence, or, to shun away from it due to having doubts about It and continue to undergo uncertainties in life!

Whenever we study anything, we do put our faith in the textbooks and teachers from whom we learn about our chosen subject. For at least initial 10-12 years, we do not even question the knowledge imparted to us. It is only during our higher studies that our questioning mind starts exploring into alternative suggestions, ideas and practices leading us to research works.

Similarly, the Spiritual Masters suggest that instead of outright rejection of the great and most beneficial Subjective Sciences that explain about the Supreme, we must study and practice as per the instructions given in the scriptures under the guidance of an able teacher till we are capable enough to reflect and ultimately Realize It ourselves as our True Self. Join us at SISS for regular studies of Scriptures.