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In Which Direction Do I Want To Lead Myself In This Life?

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Manmana Bhav Madbhakto Madyaaji Maam Namaskuru; Maamevaishyasi Yuktvaivam Aatmaanam Matparaayanah.” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 9/34)

In the given Shlok, Sree Bhagwaan advises Arjun in the battlefield, that you fix your mind unto Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me, prostrate to Me; by thus being completely integrated, lead your soul towards Me alone.

This makes it clear, that if we replace Sree Bhagwaan with the world or with any object or being of the world; surely we would similarly lead our soul towards the object of our interest only. In fact, since we are anyway deluded and terribly attached and attracted towards the objective world; therefore due to intense desires, we would lead our soul towards that direction alone.

People make an excuse that since Sree Bhagwaan is not available as the objects, since He does not respond as other living beings; it is difficult to focus upon Him, rely upon Him, have connect with Him!

So, do we mean to say that the inert world of objects always responds? Is the ever-changing world of objects reliable? Not really! But yet, we completely depend upon it for peace, happiness, prosperity, progress and for survival itself!

The Rishi-s, our Guru Parampara, repeatedly advise us to drop the concept of reliability on the false world of objects and sensibly have faith upon the Eternal Existence of the Supreme so as to doubtlessly rely upon the Supreme Reality. On the other hand, who, in the universe, can give any such assurance of reliability of any kind regarding the ever-changing world of objects? Yet, due to our own delusion, leading to ignorance, most of us do not have faith in what the Guru Parampara says! The problem lies within and the solution has also to come from within only. The resolve to solve this everlasting problem is required.

Many times people do try to fulfil such resolve by certain practices. But to sustain it for a considerable period of time seems to be challenging. The determined individual should never give up! The Lord’s assurance has to be the foremost motivation to continue on the path of evolution unabatedly till the last breath. By thus doing, and not deviating from the sacred path, holding on to the Divine, with unflinching faith and firm resolve, one would surely be able to direct one’s soul towards the Supreme Reality.

Sree Bhagwaan tells us the technique of doing so in the given Shlok. The mind keeps wondering in the world, full of worries and anxieties of all kinds throughout life; even on the death bed! So, the practice of keeping the mind constantly fixed on the Supreme is the basic requirement. There are several methods such as Japa, Pranayam and Dhyan, that have been suggested and elaborately explained by Sree Guru Parampara. We need to accept, adopt and embrace Their sacred teachings diligently indeed. It will work!

Man is so attached to and engrossed in the world, that it would not be exaggeration if our Guru-s have to introduce us even to the appropriate concept of Bhakti! So once the mind is ready to drop extreme mental attachments to the world, then it is time to cultivate devotion towards the Supreme in true sense. So the Lord says that “be My Bhakt”! Here, we have to understand that the Lord is using first person only to indicate the Supreme Reality, which is represented by His and any such Incarnations of the Supreme.

When the mind becomes quite free from the worldly entanglements and indulgences, and, has started to have the flow of devotion towards the Supreme from within, then it would also be effortlessly worshipful towards the Supreme. Such an unattached, integrated and devoted worshiper would surely have developed the attitude of surrender towards the Supreme. Subsequently he would lose the ownership of and doer-ship in the objective world, which would be true prostrations unto the Supreme.

In Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, Sree Bhagwaan assures such a devotee, the soul’s spiritual progress towards the Supreme. For a true devotee, the Lord’s assurance is the ultimate! How about you?