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The Epitome of Virtues

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

“Adveshta Sarvabhootaanaam Maitrah Karuna Eva Cha; Nirmamo Nirahankaarah Samadukkha Sukhah Kshami”. (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta 12/13)

“He who hates none, who is friendly & compassionate to all; who is devoid of attachment & egoism, who remains even-minded in pain & pleasure and who is forgiving”.

Who is he? While conversing with Arjun in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, the Lord says that a devotee of mine who has these qualities, is dear to me.

So I can think of Sree Ram, another incarnation of Sree Vishnu, and His great devotee Sree Hanuman, who have these qualities. But then, Sree Ram is God, whereas Sree Krishna says, such a devotee is dear to me! He is not telling about another incarnation of Himself! So, can we take the example of Sree Ram for our purpose? But then, we can surely take the example of Sree Hanuman who is also worthy of worship.

This is how and why the readers remain confused while going through such great Epics as Sree Ramayan & Mahabharat. First, let us understand the very purpose of believing in God, reading the scriptures and so on. Even before we start reading them, we need to have some basic faith in the works of great men-of-wisdom, at least as we do have faith in our school text books, don’t we?But not without knowing as to what do these scriptural texts provide! The whole purport of the ancient scriptural texts is to introduce the Subjective Sciences, to guide the mankind for smooth-sailing of life through the rough seas of Sansaar, to provide apt examples and unfailing techniques to those who wish to evolve in life and also to inspire the sincere seekers of the Ultimate Goal to the maximum possibilities. What more do we need to know before we would be ready to put our faith in the scriptures?

Next, as we need a teacher to understand any subject while studying, so too, preferably we study the scriptures under the guidance of an able teacher. In regard to the scriptures, when we have to understand the hidden philosophy and metaphors of such great works, we need an insightful and virtuous teacher of deep understanding. Don’t we have to handle ourselves subjectively more carefully? Surprisingly, we take unimaginable risks in life to fulfill our worldly desires, to earn a livelihood or even simply to live! Every moment of our physical existence is constantly at a risk, always uncertain and mostly is like shooting in the dark. Yet, don’t we keep going ahead till the end, facing every challenge in life, at times successfully or even otherwise?

But, when it comes to putting our faith in God, we want to back out, what a plight! That which is most trustworthy, the epitome of virtues, the unfailing support of life and beyond, the very life spark, the sacred Subject, the Ultimate Reality and That which is our own Essential Self; is denied by most of us! Can there be a greater tragedy?

We really need to reverse this tragic situation by paying attention to the wonderful educative and elevating legacy that our own ancestors have left for us in the form of the 4 Ved's, 2 Itihaas's, 18 Puraan-s and many more Shaastra's. Unless and until we study some of these works of the great Thinkers, Philosophers and Saints, we would not be able to find a proper foundation and a more meaningful purpose for human life. In absence of a substantial purpose, there cannot be sufficient motivation for living higher values in life. Ignorance leads to inactivity, indolence and indifference. As a human being, we cannot afford to remain in the dark towards our own effulgent Essential Self!

The compassionate wise men of yore have worked hard to motivate the generations to wake up from the slumber and to pursue the highest possibilities of human life and of course, the highest possibility is Self-realization! From an ordinary life of a boatman to the kingly life of a learned king and his pious sons, all put together, their lives woven in an interesting story, with countless characters, both good and evil, and, having a lofty and Lordly central character named Sree Ram, is the famous and much revered Epic ‘Sree Ramayanam’. His great devotee Sree Hanuman has got all the great qualities of a true devotee of God.

Even as a story, this great Epic ‘Sree Ramayanam’ is matchless and has inspired the people from all over the world, since thousands of years, to rewrite it with little modifications to suite their generation. In spite of all kinds of behaviours from the family members and the society, Sree Ram remains stable in His conviction to live a virtuous and selfless life. He remains unaffected by the pairs of opposites such as happiness and sorrow, likes and dislikes, plenty and penury and so on.

Sree Hanuman is free from greed and aggrandizing, wants and desires and hence remains unattached. He humbly serves every cause of His beloved Lord Sree Ram. He modestly disowns the doer-ship of His deeds and dedicates them at the Holy Feet of Sree Ram. Sree Ram and Sree Hanuman are the Ideals for all those who would like to lead a virtuous and elevated human life.

On Sree Ram Navami that falls on the 25th March this year, let us pray sincerely at the Holy Feet of Sree Ram and seek His blessings for leading a virtuous life.